The Oil Drum Celebrates 3M unique visits and 8M page views

Some time this evening, we moved over to the "new" format around the end of August 2005 (TOD 2.0)--will have accumulated 3 million unique visits and around 8 million pageviews. (TOD 1.0 got about 200k visitors and 300k pageviews by the time it was decommissioned--and yes, it was just 3.5 months ago (July 6th of this year) that we were at 2 million uniques). We will have had around 270k visits for the month of October, which is nearly double what we had the same time a year ago. (feel free to check out our sitemeter's always available in the right sidebar)

It's funny, with each milestone I seem to make my lauds shorter--when in all actuality, you all have accomplished more and more. The people who make this site work are just wonderful, well-intentioned, and just damned smart. You, the community, thank you for being so much a part of this and for making our little corner stoop one of the best and most informative sites in the 'sphere. I learn from this site every day; and I hope that we continue to improve while maintaining the high standards of discourse and evidence that TOD is increasingly known for.

If you have ideas--we have some innovations that we will bringing to fruition over the next few weeks--but we could always use more ideas--email us!

Also, right now, we're making this all work with advertisements (however, we would entertain moving to a worldchanging (funded by a foundation/benevolent souls) type model at some point as well), so please, when you see a post that you think your friends would like, spread the word, get the author as many eyeballs as you think they deserve.

Yeah!! 3M makes great tape!
It just keeps getting better and better. What a wonderful community and resource on such an important topic. Great job to all the contributors. And welcome TOD: Canada!!!

Anyone from the NYC area that's interested in doing guest posts, please contact me.

Average Visit Length    : 5:52?  This is the mean?  What're the median, mode and SD?   
the average time people spend on a visit here is 6 minutes.  really high...unheard of in most circles, actually...
Yes.... you have to multiply those minutes by 7 to equate them to human minutes...... woof!
SIX MINUTES ?  You've got to be kidding.  I can never get off this site in less than half an hour!  Who can thoroughly read even one post in six minutes?

Anyway, I want to add to the chorus of praise and thanks to all the contributors who make this such a priceless resource. tracks the time between clicks--if you look at the front page for 20 seconds, then click on an article, read it for an hour, then close your browser, sitemeter only records 20 seconds.  So 6 minutes is really pretty good--it suggests that people are reading more than one article a visit.

Congratulations on your traffic, and thanks for the invaluable service!

Congrats!!! Keep up the great info & interpretation! Thanks!  Actually since when online we are tying up our phoneline I load the page then read offline. So maybe more than 6 min.
not sure on the median/mode/sd.  There's a distribution there, but that's about it.
Hey, PG -- what was the TOD first day -- the date?

I'm trying to figure out when we came on-line and when I wrote my first comment. The rest, as they say, is history.... I don't even remember how I stumbled across TOD, you and HO, or what made me start talking...

As Jim Kunstler says, It's All Good...

Thanks to our community, we are the best on the internets and using The Google, we will continue to be so... As ASPO-USA said, stand up and take a bow, all of you, because you deserve it ... I also learn something here everyday... and don't be shy if you have something to say or have a question to ask. Nobody has all the answers but we're working on it!

I've been using teh internets and wearing Googles for my searches for quite a while, and this page is one of my best finds, evers!
I believe it was March 22, 2005.  

and HOs was the first substantive post:

Um! I actually think it was the Micawber post (which we later reposted with a different date stamp). (Hence the reference to sixpence).

But that is merely a quibble, as it has been a joy to watch the site grow, and the depth of posts and comments broaden as much as it has.

Thanks everyone, but particularly Prof and Super G, 'cos they're the ones who have really built the foundation that has got us here today.


I just want to say "thanks" to the Alpha Male, Matt Savinar, the founder of LATOC. He helped put us all on the map on the internets. His was the very first website I ran across some years ago now. I asked myself, Could all that be true? Was there anything to it? What the fuck is this guy talking about?

Oh my God ... now I can document it and give you the theory & data ...

true dat...absolutely.
I want your first born.
that's all?!  oh come on, place a demand on the system man.
Dear AlphaMaleProfitFromDoom,  sp?  haha

I could just copy Dave's comment to describe my own thoughts when I found LAOTC, a wonderful resource for all.  LAOTC was my first introduction to peak oil as well.  I told my fiancee all about what I discovered and how I thought peak oil would affect our lives.  Two months later she dumped me, coincidence?  (Matt, you destroyed my life but I still read your site daily, no hard feelings.  I'll see you in the FEMA camp buddy.)  Now that I'm single again I have much more time to spend reading LAOTC and TOD which is awesome!  

But a tip of the hat to more people than just Matt.  To all of you who provide such wonderful information to TOD I thank you.  I hesitate to post sometimes feeling that I am not worthy.  I wish I had more to contribute to the community here.  Thank you all for letting me learn from your research and knowledge.  

I wish we were all wrong.  I wish my friends and family would stop giving me tin foil hats as gag gifts.  I don't think any of us will be laughing about this in the end.  TOD is only the beginning of the discussion that not end in my lifetime.

Good luck everyone,



I appreciate the kind words. Now let's address the "meaty" part of your post . . .

I've gotten an email almost identical to your post about every two weeks for the last two years: a guy emails me to say their girlfriend or fiance dumped them because they read my site and got freaked. Then they follow it by saying, "but I'm not mad at you. . .." Yeah right. From the "profit of doom" joke to the FEMA camp to the bit about how being single is great cause you have more time o read LATOC and TOD!, the passive aggresiveness is just pouring out from your post.

I will tell you what I tell every other hard up guy who emails me about their romantic problems: I STRONGLY suspect she dumped you for reasons that had more to do with YOU than with your awareness of Peak Oil visavi LATOC. But it's much easier for you to point to my site as the original source of your problems.



You're right, of course there were other reasons but my doomerism was certainly one of them.  I didn't intend for you to misuse your time replying to my post.  I just hoped some TODers could get a chuckle out of it.


this whinethread from spring 2005 about gas prices on the dpreview forums has a link to latoc somewhere, I was trying to find out what people though about some lens and ended up reading latoc.
 It was the first time I heard about peak oil, but the concept seemed very reasonable to me. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought about it on my own, in other words it was an eye opening experience. From that day I read all I could find, not much later I was reading TOD daily and have been more or less ever since. Grats to you all with the milestones.

congradulations and also happy halloween.
I spend way too much time on this site.  I've tried several times to give it up, but it's such a massive source of great information that I am drawn back to it, over and over.   The level of discourse is amazing.  Thank you, and congratulations.
we apologize wholeheartedly.  :)
And the best part of it all is that I now know what "handwaving" means...
Congrats to TOD, the fine TODers who founded and/or run the site and do such great research!

And congrats to all TODers who post info and analysis.

One of the things I like -- besides the great content and analysis offered in the posts, is that for the most part people have a great attitude and behave in a very civil fashion.

I think that when we consider a problem like peak oil, it is refreshing to converse online with folks who are really trying to come to grips with the matter, its implications, and "what to do."  Of course we get tense at times, but the folks commenting quite often pull themselves out of any disrespectful exchanges and move back to careful and respectful discourse.  That is a very good thing, and speaks highly of the regular participants.

Kudos! Encore! And stuff like that.....

WELL DONE! I'd love to contribute, but you guys just know so much MORE than me. Without a doubt your good sense makes spreading the Peak Oil message a whole lot easier. The graphs are a huge help, too, LOL!

 I'd say a whole lot more but I notice we've got another violent thunderstorm coming down the valley at us and I need to disconnect the computer from the Rest Of The World before it gets fried.

Gotta go.


Congrats on another milestone, TOD. It's like reading a great mystery novel unfold.

As some of you know, I'm a farmer/rancher, small-scale and environmentally oriented. I'm realizing that this biofuels thing might someday make me prosperous as the cost of food goes up.

But I'm not sure how to think about this ethically. Will I someday be forced to grow fence line-to-fence line (and ruin my topsoil) to try to feed a burgeoning population? Is it even moral to grow biofuels when people somewhere are hungry?

Energy depletion will put many of us in a real crisis, I'm afraid. Hopefully TOD will continue to be a good place to iron out some of these coming dilemmas.

Thanks again, guys, for a great site!

I'm a beginning farmer/rancher so I'm grappling with some of the same issues. Personally, nothing that risks the long-term viability of my soil will become practice on my land. And I have my doubts that my model of farming (which will employ equines for draft power) will be able to produce fuel crops as profitably as food crops, but I could be wrong.

As for TOD, the posts have gotten better and better. The comments are a bit noisier than they once were, but there's still plenty of meat there. Some kind of comment ranking system (ala Slashdot) would be nice. That's the only suggestion I can make. This has been the second site I visit each morning for a long time now.

Hey, Mark,

I have a friend whose family lived near a railroad yard in Denver during the Great Depression. When the hobos would come to the back door asking for food, his mother would give them a bowl of beans from a pot she kept on the stove and a slice of bread.

That seemed like a generous and thoughtful appoach to helping each other through hard times.

This happened in rural Ontario too, and perhaps pretty much everywhere.

But we live in a world where the rate of violent crime is many times what it was in the 1930s (I think in the US case something like 8 times the murder rate).

And there is far greater distrust of poor people, and there are a lot more guns around.  In general, methods of social control and forces for social cohesion are much weaker.  And society is far more urbanised and suburbanised-- the majority of Americans lived on farms in the 1930s.

And of course people are much more mobile.

If the US did suddenly have 25% unemployment, again, I don't see there being the same spontaneous outreach (perhaps in smaller communities?)-- everyone would be too busy looking after their own patch.

Maybe we can set up soup kitchens and cots in empty suburban shopping malls.

I knew this suburbia thing would someday screw us ...

Congratulation Oil Drummers!
PG - I wonder if you had a plan and a vision when you and and your colleagues started this?  If so, how does the eneterprise thus far measure up to those initial expectations?

I think you may have created a priceless resource.

I was first directed here by Westexas, I think I read an article of his on 321 Energy, sent him an email and he pointed me at Stuart Staniford's work over here.

Right now I have an invite to visit the DTI who are offering to help with more background data, I should also get invited to present to the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain to talk on EU energy security and the folks at the Oil Depeltion Analysis Centre have also been in touch.  That elusive invite to talk to our politicians and their advisors has not yet arrived - but it is just a matter of finding the right buttons to press.

In the UK, the government has just published a massive report warning of the potential economic damage of global warming - and that our life styles / energy consumption patterns will have to change.  I'm still not sure whether or not they are fully aware of the energy crisis, which I think is at the door, and are wrapping this up in the less alarmist launguage of global warming?

Anyway Congratulations - readership seems to be growing faster than the world population - though it may be wise to express stats on a growth per capita basis.

No Peak Oil has no constituency in Whitehall.

It's seen as a fringe interest if anyone has heard of it.

The real worry is about Global Warming.

Yea - you need to have a look at Chris Vernon's post over on TOD UK.

Then go out buy a wood buring stove and check out your pension plan.

the report put together by Nicholas Stern, and many others,
is here _report.cfm

It is in line with many things about GW I've been reading lately including anything from James Hansen at Nasa. That is here

It's grim and strong stuff.  I'm sure many people here are aware of it. I'd think there'd be a way for the PO people and the GW people to get together.  

this Stern report is the first? or early attempt to put an economic price on global warming and what we do or don't do about it.

For those who have said GW is a bad thing but how can we work our economies around it this is an answer to that question. Or, at least, an attempt or starting point for the discussion .

I've read the executive summary, info from the UK Guardian newspaper online, and two chapters on the effects of climate from the Stern report.

The STern report says that humanity can have some measure of growth and stabilize the climate, too. I wonder how that will be received but it seems like we can limit growth or cook every living thing on the earth to death along with outselves.

I haven't read the Oil Depletion thing by Heinberg so I don't know how this would fit together with it.

It is definitely of interest to TOD readers.

Thanks for the links Torion - this is Stern stuff.  I need a 5 page summary to digest.  In the UK I think the solution to the energy and climate crisis should be quite straight forward - we're running out of oil and gas - everyone must use a lot less energy.
Congrats! Keep up the good work. :)