Ending on an Optimistic Note in New Orleans

We end this little three-part photo-essay on where New Orleans is up to with the brightest spot: the French Quarter. I took these shots on New Year's Day.

Shoppers in the French Quarter flea market. Click picture to enlarge.

(You can also check out part 1, and part 2 of the series).

There's a fair amount of traffic in the French Quarter, and nearly all businesses were open and looking good.

New Year's Day tourist traffic in the French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

We heard many foreign accents amongst the tourists wandering around.

Tourists in the French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

A good deal of seasonal jollity is on show.

Snow men and palm trees in the French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

Of course, it's not good to look too close:

Hurricane damage in French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

And this is always on the back of our minds:

Bumper sticker seen in French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

But there is good news. The New York Times reports what many people told us: house prices in New Orleans have increased since the hurricane. That's certainly the market making a vote of confidence. And New Orleans hasn't lost it's spirit:

VW bug in French Quarter. Click picture to enlarge.

Looks Like A Bunch Of Lilly White Folks With Money To Me!

I guess being poor in America truly is the kiss of death.

Just remember that Bush is the criminal here for not doing anything substantive to rebuild the city in a timely manner.

He got what he wanted by rooting out all those poor folks so they won't vote against him and the Republicans this coming fall.

Only in America can criminals sit in office while the truly needy go without.

You can't blame that on Bush.
  • The problem with the levees was the result of decades of corruption and pork-barreling by native pols.
  • The light which was suddenly aimed at FEMA showed the incompetence of the administration; Bush would rather that hadn't happened.
  • The poor folks went to places like Texas, where they might well be swinging elections in ways not very convenient to Bush and his successor in Austin.  And last but not least,
  • If Bush could aim a hurricane at Nawlins, he'd really be what he only dreams he is.

As much as you or anyone would like, you can't blame every national or world defect on President Bush. Louisiana is about as corrupt as they get. Throw in stupidity, ignorance, and everything else, all combined and you get Louisiana politics. the hurricane was only a matter of time, we americans all knew it, the local govt knew that too, they never had much of a game plan if any to act on it. the levee's should have been repaired many years ago.
the state govt should all be removed, from the governor all the way down to the city mayor.
i don't portend to be a Bush apologist, there are many problems in the admin of this president. I know we are all looking for a "Braveheart" as president, and i wish we had one. But Pres. Bush is not responsible for everything.