Advanced search is back

After a six month hiatus, advanced search capability has returned. We apologize for the delays.

As I wrote back in February when the feature was introduced, many have observed that it is difficult to find older The Oil Drum content. Readers have had to rely on Google site search or the archives page. The advanced search feature is based on Apache Solr, which, unlike Google, enables you to sort and filter results. You can try it out by entering your search terms in the "Advanced search" box to the left, or by going here.

Feedback is welcome.

I had never noticed the advanced search capability before. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the results of my search for "thorium cycle" just now.

But "Ah, that's much better!".

Now to check out Apache Solr ...


Super G,

Many thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes.


When the [+] and [-] buttons went away, it was stated that this was going to be temporary to get bugs fixed. Are these buttons coming back, or is that feature dead?

The comment rating feature is dead. It has been replaced with the comment flagging feature.

The problem with the comment ratings was that they measured which comments were the most popular. But popular is not always better.

Comment flagging is an alternative that is intended to alert the editors of comments that do not conform to the reader guidelines.

Super G, could I make a request?

It would be mighty useful to be able to see a list of replies to our individual comments, in chronological order by date/time of reply. Then we could see quickly if there are any new replies to any of our comments.

Comments can be in several places, and searching to see if there are any replies can be tedious.

I think something like that used to be in there, and since it is based on Scoop, like DailyKos, it could be made available. Nick needs this because he is the master of the long-running thread.

Yes, it's nice to keep a conversation going, and come to as much of a consensus as possible, isn't it?

The advanced search is a very useful upgrade...many thanks!

I agree. Very happy to see it back!

Advanced search finds text in the main posts only.

Any chance that it might be upgraded to search comments? Google is pretty much useless for that task.