The ASPO-USA DVDs Are Now Available

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO), USA branch, has released the DVD set recording its 2006 Boston conference.

Mike Rodgers of PFC Energy gives the keynote address

The recording costs $75, plus $7.95 shipping & handling. The complete set consists of 9 discs in two separate cases. Speakers' power point presentations are smoothly integrated into the recording, which was done by Damien Collier of Kelly Way Productions in Los Angeles. Collier's production team attended the ASPO-USA "Midnight Ride for Peak Oil Conference" to record it and finish their own documentary, Asleep In America. There is a promo for the documentary at YouTube.

A promo video (Quicktime) for the ASPO-USA conference DVDs is available at their website (link cited at the top). As you can see in the Mike Rodgers screen capture, and this one of Randy Udall —

Randy Udall give the Friday lunchtime talk —
Earth First! We'll drill the other planets later.

— the video quality is excellent. Here's a presentation slide from Stuart Staniford's power point representation.

A familiar graph

And a gratuitous picture of Stuart —

The man himself

If you find the individual cost prohibitive, consider a group purchase, if that's possible. Although a bit on the technical side, the presentations are still very useful for educational purposes in group meetings to discuss peak oil or relocalization. The Boston Conference featured an impressive cast of speakers, talking about a wide array of subjects, from oil production to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The speakers list includes Matt Simmons, Jeremy Gilbert, Richard Heinberg, Roger Bezdek (of the Hirsch report), Julian Darley and many others.

Any purchase you make will help defray APSO-USA's production costs and further a good cause.