Peak Oil Wargames: The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play

Hats off to Big Gav (who suffered the same blogger problems we did last night and earlier today...and still is) for picking up this story on a US government oil shortage preparedness drill/thought experiment.

Here's a sample:
If all this sounds like a Hollywood drama, it's not. These scenarios unfolded in a simulated oil shock wave held Thursday in Washington. Two former CIA directors and several other former top policy-makers participated to draw attention to America's need to reduce its dependence on oil, especially foreign oil.

Fast-forward to Jan. 19, 2006. A blast rips through Saudi Arabia's Haradh natural-gas plant. Simultaneously, al Qaida terrorists seize a tanker at Alaska's Port of Valdez and crash it, igniting a massive fire that sweeps across oil terminals. Crude oil spikes to $120 a barrel, and the U.S. economy reels. Gasoline prices hit $4.74 a gallon.
I am heartened to at least hear about the government gaming this out. Now if these results would just make it to the policymakers...

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PG & HO -

You might want to keep this particular link handy for anyone who is "in de Nile" and swimming with the current. Somehow CIA gaming lends a realism to what we are talking about here, and it is a very tacit and tangible government acknowledgement of the WCS we have been discussing here.

The government cannot say it was ignorant - here is the "smoking gun" for anyone in congress or the administration who says PO is crap.