Free Markets v. National Security: Round One Peak Oil Style

Roy S. from Emerald City Comments brings to our attention this piece about an oil expert urging the US government not to interfere with CNOOC's deal to buy Unocal.

Roy says:
I think that the fate of this deal may indicate a great deal about whether the world will continue to rely on markets to allocate oil supplies (the result if the deal goes through) or whether geo-political considerations will trump markets (the result if the deal is blocked by national security concerns).

If the deal is blocked, I think that will be a great big flag to other nations such as China, India, and Russia that it is okay to use non-market means to control oil supplies.

There's a lot of talk on the financial networks tonight about the CNOOC/Unocal deal that we discussed a couple of points back. Salience is an amazing thing, isn't it?

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Shouldn't the title of this be "Free Markets vs. National Security"?

give me a break, man...I have a headache. :) done.


I think the US should let the Chinese buy Unocal's Asian assets, give the US holdings (and, perhaps, others in the Western Hemisphere) to Chevron and be done with it. The dealings that the chinese already have going on with Canada are going to pose enough of a threat that I do not think it prudent to exacerbate the situation more than necessary at this time.

Almost everyone I know who has children between 10 and 18 are starting CO folders with their kids. What will people do in this country when the price of gas/oil rise? Will people give up their children to fight in Iraq and across Asia to China for control over the remaining fields?

In a very sick way, I guess that thin excuse about the Iraq War being necessary because we need to fight the war over there rather than bringing it to our shores makes some sense. We fight for the oil over there with a volunteer army rather than fighting for the oil around the world - Venzuela, Canada, Alaska - or maybe even at home.

Yep, we should fold out hand in this Unocal game and take home all that we can right now. There are more winnable and more deadly fights yet to be won closer to home.

God forbid.