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Lately, TOD has been getting hit with a lot of comment spam. Many readers have been kind enough to email me with the spammers' names so I can delete their accounts and their comments.

Let's try something new. From now on, if you see comment spam, instead of emailing me, just leave a comment in this thread. The only thing you need to leave is a link to the spammers' profile. For example, if there was an offender named 'Spammer', then your comment would say

There is now a handy link to this thread in the navigation menu at the top of the main page.

For each spammer you find, you will be awarded three gold stars and four brownie points.

This is a temporary measure until we develop a more comprehensive solution to the problem.

AlphaMaleProphetOfDoom keeps spamming me. He's always pleading that he wants me to have his babies and move to Tora Bora with him. I keep telling him I'm a guy and can't have babies. But this doesn't disuade him. I've also tried to tell him I'm not interested in living in a cave with his other wives and 17 children. He just says we are all doomed and must accept the Koran. Please take him off my email list. This is very hard for me. I adore Matt, but he just doesn't know when to call it quits. I have already pledged my love to Paris Hilton.
Try to keep an open mind about these thing.

What is "comment spam" anyway?

This is comment spam.

(For some reason, most of the spambots we get here post in foreign languages.)

SuperG, nuke this guy, please:

Whoa, Leanan. My laptop almost blew up when I clicked on that first "This." Probably others shouldn't do that. Oh, go ahead. See if your laptop is tougher than mine.

Bryant - mine was just a joke. Matt's cool. He's just the leader of a lesser cult.

Hello Oil Ceo,

I find you to be the most perplexing TODer.  You go from a very erudite poster with compelling charts, graphs, and knowledge to back it up-- to posts of total incomprehensibility whereby many suspect that some other person is using your computer/TODer name.  Care to clarify for us inquisitive minds?

Bob Shaw in Phx,Az  Are Humans Smarter than Yeast?

Wait. You are calling me hard to figure out? I can only view this as the deepest compliment. You are like God among Gods. Tell me this isn't true, Bob.

I'm thinking of that Dead tune...

He turned twenty-one in prison, doin' life without parole...Mama cried, Mama cried...

Ahem... the lyric is "Mama Tried"...
Crap. No wonder. That explains everything. Uuugh....Thanks for pointing that out. No wonder....uugh. Why can't they just print lyrics on all the albums. For years I thought it was "Lied." I can't tell you how much trouble that caused me. Wait...Are you sure?
The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
Hear, hear.  If some of us don't go crazy once in a while, we're all gonna go insane. We have to laugh once in a while, and maybe spit in the eye of  what's coming.

Or, as another Dead song sez, "Test me, test me, why don't you arrest me?"

Didn't Merle Haggard do that originally (or Johnny Cash)? What's the title?
I'm pretty sure Merle Haggard did it first; the song title is Mama Tried.

Why am I not surprised that there's more than a couple of Deadheads here?

I can't figure it out, either.  Unless his 12-year-old kid is logging on at night after daddy goes to bed.  
You're just playing. Who Am I know?

I'm thinking about starting a new screen name for certain comments. Maybe this will help to alleviate the problem - or the "concern." How does 'Jihadi Death Cult' sound? I think it has a certain ring to it.

How about calling your alter ego: "CEO Jekyll-side"?
Then we would know if it was you or Mr. Hyde.

You are now the HipCEO. The HumourousCEO. More yabbadabbadooski does it every time.
Nope. You and Step Back have convinced me that it must be Jihadi Death Cult. HipCEO has no ring to it. Well, actually, well...maybe... I gotta think about it...
Intelligence is not maturity.
Whoa, slow down, big fella. I just learned some BIG sentences like "Ignorance is Strength" and "Freedom is Slavery."

Now you're dropping this shit on me? Thank God I've got spellcheck and a dictionary.

The PROBLEM with this site as seen by a relative newbie.

There seems to be a very imbedded 'insider' group who can share all kinds of sharp jabs and innuendo. They make very wry comments that are , like I say, insider style.

If someone becomes a subscriber and right off doesn't understand the workings of these 'insiders' and happens to himself/herself make a wry comment or 'jab' they are instantly pounded rather forcibly into the dirt.

This then might lead them to believe that they must apparently buildup tenure and make many of  just the right type of comments in order to join in or else just remain a lurker.

In my posts I notice that even though I try to just post information that I observe, no big charts or high level research complete with many sources etc, that I get almost no responses to my observations(well a few but not that much).

The traffic then spins away on the personalities , exactly as we see above , in this thread and everything else slides slowly into the deitrus pile that Totonelia speaks of.

I suppose humour is fine and good but its become so very sharp and delineating at this website that I am myself thinking of no longer commenting but just returning to the ocassional lurk mode.

As far as OIL CEO? He is the epitomy of what I speak of.

I would not even care to respond to ANY of his comments for fear of being cast into the utter darkness, but I will make this one comment. If he is a real CEO and particularily a OIL CEO then he is not someone I wish to comment with anyway.

Nor for that matter any CEO. No thank you for I had enough of hearing from CEO's on high with my previous employer.

I also believe that those with IQ's less than , say, 140 might find it better to find lower ground that fight the internectine battles that flare up on this site.

And all along I thought it was about saving our asses!!!and not just another Yahooligan group fest. (my own 'sharp' jab , if you will, just to test the water).

airdale--serious and awaiting a response (maybe) or perhaps a simple farm boy is not worthy of such

PS. I recently seen someone chastened with much gusto for posting in a negative vein and then another praised for doing just the same. One word comes to mind...."Baaaaaa"

PPS. While at it and daring to speak out I wil make one more observation. I sometimes see the words in DRUMBEAT that state" And now a word from our readers"...yet almost immediately this is expunged and replaced with many newclips by someone named Leanan who I assume has authority to do such but it makes me wonder then, when does the lowly , unwashed get their shot? Why not just let the members post or comment instead of trying to provoke conjecture with MSM nonsense?

DrumBeats are open threads.  Just because I remove the words automatically inserted by the threadbot doesn't mean you can't post about whatever you want in the DrumBeat threads.  

That said, your concerns are better posted to a DrumBeat thread.  This thread is supposed to be for reporting spam only.

Excellent points and post. One of the best I've ever seen. I don't know where you learned the secret handshake, but you've been admitted to the club.

I want to highlight and respond to most of your points, but it would take me all night. Suffice it to say, they are all really good. Totally true.

Make sure you've read Orwell's '1984', 'Twilight in the Desert', and have seen 'Syriana' and '3 Days of the Condor.'

Also, I don't know if you are in the States, but Harvey Keitel stars in an ABC miniseries "Path to 9/11" starting tonight. I think this is probably a must see. Some pretty big names are already complaining that it "doesn't tell the truth."

As far as not being noticed. That's something we all struggle with. Part of the human condition. Nothing really to do with this website. I'm convinced marriage to Paris Hilton will solve that problem for me. After that, my next best bet is leading the Mahdi army as it re-takes Jerusalem. This kind of stuff takes a lot of planning, though. There are no simple solutions.

As far as OIL CEO? He is the epitomy of what I speak of.
I would not even care to respond to ANY of his comments for fear of being cast into the utter darkness,

Don't be shy of Oil CEO he is just a little bit nervous.

airdale--serious and awaiting a response (maybe) or perhaps a simple farm boy is not worthy of such

Not that, it is seriouness which might be a problem you have to switch pretty fast from serious, to sarcasm, (private) jokes, understatements, personal piques, etc...

As a rule DON'T WORRY!

It's too bad that your best material was written by me. You're a vindictive little prick, that's why I can't stand you. Meth doesn't make one nervous, shit-for-brains. I'm like that all the time. Thanks for the link, though. You love that one. So do I. Too bad you can't get any attention on your own. Let me know when you want an agent.
It's too bad that your best material was written by me.

No problem, I am lazy I take the good stuff from any.

You're a vindictive little prick

Launching a dick size contest?
I am not interested.
As for vindictive, yes, "I'm like that all the time", too...

Too bad you can't get any attention on your own.

Don't assume I am playing in the same league than you.

Same league? You're not even in the same universe, douchebag. Go fuck yourself. The next time you want to use my writing, attribute the source. After that, start thinking about paying royalties.
Getting angry?
Not good for your image.
Not a good way to end the row either...

Yeah. How could you tell? OK, I'll go back to ignoring you. Major combat operations have ended.


And you expect people to respect you with an attitude like that?
Never mind, I got him upset, my fault.
Do not incur Oil CEO wrath.

Respect? You must be joking, Levin. And "expect"? Please. You responded, didn't you? I think you might need to look a little deeper. Or maybe just go back to the last time you and I attempted to have a conversation.
Maybe I responded because I thought I could have been wrong. Now I don't.
Self-fufilling prophecy? I don't get it. Alright I apologize. Let's be friends. Or at least be civil. I have no problems with you.

Oil CEO, you said,
"Whoa, Leanan. My laptop almost blew up when I clicked on that first "This."

Does this stuff only work on Windows machines, because I clicked on "This" with my Mac and got nothing out of the ordinary?

Roger Conner  known to you as ThatsItImout

Super G already removed the spam.
It's designed to interfere with search engine rankings - notice how all the text there are links. Google and others count links (amongst many others) to determine relevance. The Scoop software can be fixed to mark links so search engines ignore them, but there are enough non-fixed websites out there that they'll still spam.

This is why sometimes you see posts that are full of garbage - the spambot in question is trying to post in a foreign language and is buggy, so it mangles the character encodings resulting in gibberish.

"I keep telling him I'm a guy . . . "

"I'm not interested in living in a cave with his other wives . . .  "

Have you thought this through?  Sounds like a good gig to me. ;)

It's not really the other wives. It's the kids. Could you imagine that? No wonder Osama is still living in a cave. He probably likes it. Put Allah aside. There's not a person here who could deal with 17 kids. What a friggin nightmare. I think "The Leader of the Faithful" is up to 18. Plus every one of them probably wants their own little puppy. Keep in mind, he has to run Al-Qaeda at the same time.
There once was a man named Dave
Who kept a dead whore in his cave
When asked about the smell
He said "Oh, what the hell"
look at the money I save


I agree with Oil CEO that AlphaMaleProphetOfDoom is a problem.  It seems he is keeping a list of the email addresses of all of the women on this forum and he frequently sends us requests for our photos, and personal numerical information so that he can "put together a graph" to post on TOD.
As for Oil CEO, it seems he also keeps such a list and sends out applications to come work for his company for minimum wage.  He always makes me laugh though, so please don't delete him.
Somebody just got a big raise and a huge amount of stock options.
I started out with this:

This old Oil Drum had a goof
Oil C-E-O

And then I ran into writer's block.  Consider yourself lucky.

I always consider myself lucky.

I learned this song by watching the Three Stooges as a kid. I can still see all three of them wearing cap-and-gown at a women's school.

F-A Fay
F-E Fee
F-I Ficky-fie
F-O Foe
F-U Fue
Ficky-Fie-Fuck you...

Sorry, the last part wasn't aimed at you, it just came from  the site where I copied it from. I couldn't cut it. It's too funny. Alright, I gotta go find something productive to do.


What IS comment spam?
I dunno. Who's John Galt?
I dunno.
Who IS John Galt?
Leanan, good, interesting info as always.  I never heard of such a thing.

The rest of this thread has reached a new low for TOD.  Kinda why I don't bother with POMB anymore.

Lighten up. It was a nothing thread. It was about spammers.

You wanna talk about oil. Let's go. Start right now.

Please keep the oil stuff in DrumBeat. This is not an open thread.
BTW, seemingly forgotten in all this, is Thank You. Now, if there was an edit button and a spelchek, life would be perfect. If PO and GW weren't on the horizon.
 I'm partial to graffitti spam mice elf. Don't know if I've tagged TOD with my signature "Kilroy wuz here" semi-autobiographical bomb B4  

 Old man down
way down
down, down by the docks of the city,
Blind and dirty
asked me for a dime--
dime for a cup of coffee
I got no dime but
I got time to hear his story:

My name is August West
and I love my Pearly Baker best
more than my wine
...more than My wine
more than my maker
though he's no friend of mine

Everyone said
I'd come to no good
I knew I would
Pearly believed them

Half of my life
I spent doin' time for
some other fucker's crime
Other half found me stumbling around
drunk on burgundy wine

But I'll get back
on my feet someday
The good Lord willing
if He says I may
'cause I know the life I'm
livin's no good
I'll get a new start
live the life I should

I'll get up and fly away
I'll get up and
fly away... away

Pearly's been true
true to me, true to my dying day he said
I said to him:
I'm sure she's been
I said to him:
I'm sure she's been true to you

I got up and wandered
Wandered downtown
nowhere to go
just to hang around
I got a girl
named Bonny Lee
I know that girl's been true to me
I know she's been
I'm sure she's been
true to me

I must say as a long-time 'lurker' I really
agree with the post by airdale written above
about reading a lot of peculiar insider jokes by a small clique, while other comments by outsiders are routinely ignored.  
Not that I really care, since this
internet message board thing is a very strange
and unfamiliar sociological phenomenon for me.
I also think the comments "oil ceo" (what a ridiculous name!) wrote in response are particularly childish and ignorant.
"As far as not being noticed. That's something we all struggle with. Part of the human condition." Actually,
writing things on a message board like this
has nothing to do with the human condition!!
It's quite amusing that people who, in reality
quite diffident and understandably self-effacing,
 are so quick to get angry on these forums.
Anyways, I only posted this for support for the earlier message-- I'm sure I'll be ignored too!
I'm sure I'll be ignored too!

You lose the bet. Now pay up!

(Just kidding.)
Just because no one responds does not mean that perhaps over a thousand people read your post, nodded in agreement or shook their heads in disagreement, and then moved on with their lives.

Thanks for the shout-out, dude. It is a ridiculous name, isn't it? That's why I chose it. Yours is pretty cool, though.
Thanks for your reply/comment Spacebuoy.

I was just trying to gain a handle on how this site hangs together and what passes for normalcy vs deviltry. I think I broke the code after reading some of the responses to the post. The post I intended to gain responses to and crafted for that purpose, even though it was pretty much the way I felt. The 'Baaaa' comment being maybe over the top a tad.

Its basically IMO quite similiar to the Y2K fora of 'ye olden dayse', when panic reigned, good wimmen cried, the MSM got caught up, everyone aquired firearms and stored lots of pasta and rice,yet with a much higher level of discourse and intellect in that most of the nutcases, and the tinfoil and egg salad crowd must have gotten booed out early on here.

I firmly believe in the net being governed by the netizens. This is what I see happening here and in this case its probably best to 'take your guns to town son,don't leave your guns at home' or am I being overly melodramatic?

Time to go haul corn.



"A much higher level of discourse here"?? Did I misunderstand something?
The problem is that anyone who has the time to write in these forums, ipso facto, must have a suspicious quantity of free time.  The vast majority of humans, I honestly believe, do not have enough time to go around posting comments in internet forums, or they don't think it's worth the bother.  Of course, the people who belong to this bizarre "virtual" subculture will disagree with that statement. To avert being accused of the same, that will be my last comment.
How profound. Sorry you couldn't stick around. We had so many questions. Rest in Peace.
Oh, yeah, don't let me forget...If you wanna be friends, don't make me guess when you come back tomorrow with a new name. Just tell me. When I figure it out, eventually, it'll just be ugly. I've got Super G on my side, too.
Contrary to his claim, I am not on Oil CEO's side in whatever petty vendetta he is talking about.
I know what I did to piss you off. But I don't why it pissed you off. Does that make sense? I don't know why you are singling me out. Out of all the people here. Over all this time. I suggest we settle this. Write me another email. I'd really like to resolve this.
Sorry. Typo. I don't know why it pissed you off.

Posted in the 13 Sept thread about the move to a new server.

At the bottom of the Prop87 Drumbeat there is a long post of spam.

ncj518 was the user who posted.

shuangcer.  bad one.

Huge load of crap appeared at foot of my UK oil forecast post - remove if possible please

RR reported this in one of the discussion threads. I don't see it in the list yet, so here it is.

This guy still hasn't been deleted:

mananahoyt is definitely spam