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Now I feel bad. I use Firefox with the Adblock extension, and filters that I put in place for other Web sites are effective at blocking the ads here also. To tell the truth, I haven't ever seen an ad at The Oil Drum; I only realize that you have them because of the occassional mention.
That's okay, we all understand. I once had my polemic run over by a gigantic blogosphere and it never really ran properly after that. It always pulled to the left.

Plus the newer polemics get TERRIBLE gas mileage! Thirteen Firefoxes to the Adblock, and that's not even counting all the Zions you end up wasting every time you start it up!!

Oh dear, I think this hummus has gone bad. Good night!

Hummous has gone bad when it tastes "fizzy" ..... um, should I tell how I know?
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I honestly think with highly likely changes in sentiment in the US in the coming hard times, you should not get involved with anything with "Zion" in the name.
it's the name of a proposed nature preserve.  
Yeah I know .... the way I see things going though, I just don't think it's a good name to get mixed up with. After a few more years, I think that name will be changed where it's found, Zion national park and Zion bank and so on, little towns named Zion, etc. - I wonder how many names were changed from German ones after WWI and WWII in the US? I'm willing to bet a lot. I know a bunch were. And now we look back at some of the CCC projects and WPA projects, like the dam in California with swastikas all up and down it and can't imagine why someone would put such outlandish things on there, symbols of terrorism, imperialism, and racial bias..........

Just avoid the name Zion.

What's the name of that City in the Matrix movie? You know, the one that is the last bastion of freedom and reality in a sea of hatred and mind control? Gee. It's just on the tip of my tongue. But I can't recall totally at the moment.

TOD is kind of like that too. The last bastion of reason and civility. Thank you for keeping it that way.

Yeah I know, it was called Zion .... don't get me started on the American movie industry...

Many small towns etc were named Zion because the US was settled by people who oftan had the Bible as their only book, or close to it. Zionism as a political movement came later (the roots of it were coincident with much of the settling of the US but Zionism really flourished starting 100 years ago). So, people had their hearts in the right places when they named their town etc Zion, but trust on this this, the Empire has just begun to start to unravel, as things go all to squit, Zion is not going to be a good name to call things. If the 1970s recession was any guide, stuff that's down-home and farm-y and handicrafts with chickens on 'em.... think folksy, folkish......

I was a bit mixed up, I did think you guys were considered a server co. named Zion something, but since it's an existing name of a national park, a name that can be changed back, there's nothing to avoid really.

like I said, "full of intelligent and informed reason..."
This is The Matrix - I thought Zion was the name of a pub in Boston

One Wolf

You know, I have friends now who are starting to make fun of me and my energy-depletion concerns as gasoline prices fall through the floor.

I'm not sure quite how to respond to them without sounding fairly lame.

Anyone got any ideas?

Don, what time is it there in Colorado?  Its 8:30 am here in Aberdeen - Should you not be in you bed.

Re-your question - start thinking about about peak consumption instead of peak production. Consumption will peak in different countries at different times and right now I believe consumption may have peaked in many poor countries - lowering global demand and price.

So you got to work out what that means for you - poor folks in Indonesia and Pakistan who can't afford to fill their car or grow their crops - could that possibly affect folks in Colorado?

If prices of gasoline are falling in the USA then this would be a great time to slap on some tax - that would get the prices rising again.


Where I live taxes are highly unpopular, CW.

"Hey guys, gas prices are finally going down! Let's put a dollar tax on them!"

Lets look at five problems facing the US

  • trade deficit
  • budget deficit
  • fuel consumption must go down
  • terrorism
  • global warming

Slapping tax on gas and jet fuel helps solve all these problems.  Getting elected on that ticket is a bit of a problem.
Where I live taxes are highly unpopular

So are they in Europe (and presumably nobody likes tax raises anywhere).
But - even if it may sound crazy - high gas taxes here in Europe have made raising crudes prices far less striking since the portion of taxes is more than 60 per cent (and fixed, not proportional.)
The tax revenue is used for everything from road maintenance and pension funding to salaries of our politicians :-/, all those expenditures that have to be paid for in the USA too, but the money comes from elsewhere ..
Yea, high gasoline prices aren't even in the news over here.  Higher interest rates and higher nat gas and electricity prices are.
.. and also worth noting:
Highest gasoline prices in Europe are in oil exporting England (top price for diesel) and oil exporting Norway (top in gas).

Lowest gas prices worldwide (next to nothing for a litre) are in cuddlesome Iran, cozy Turqmenistan and comfy Iraq ..

oops - as of England I should have better said "oil producing" ..sorry
Scotland is a major oil exporter, England a major importer - and always has been.
double mistake of mine .. you're right.
But is the United Kingdom (if there is such thing in your eyes ;-) overall a net importer or exporter?
Turned importer last year - went from being part of the solution to being part of the problem.
Yeah, it clarifies the reason US gas taxes are low: The US used to be the big producer, and hasn't gotten used to the idea of being the big importer.
Norway always had high fuel taxes AFAIK, despite of being a major producer
I have the impression that Norway's major production is relatively new, socially speaking: pretty much only since 1980, when the North Sea was developed.  Am I wrong, there?
The oil field 'Ekofisk' was found as early as 1969, but appropriate technology lacked. After the 73' oil crisis Norway prepared itself to start oil producing.

Norway is over the peak now and thus has decided not to produce by hook or by crook, but set up a state national fund, which currently holds 158 billion Euros (as of end 2006; that's 34.000 for every single Norwegian). All the money is invested in foreign markets in order to keep the norwegian currency on the ground.

Norway is still very busy in new exploration (the big nat gas fields in the Barent sea) and the state-owned Statoil company recently was involved in the successful deepwater exploration drilling in the gulf of Mexico.

Don, what time is it there in Colorado?  Its 8:30 am here in Aberdeen - Should you not be in you bed.

You are in Aberdeen? Shoot me an e-mail. There is a chance that Aberdeen is in my near future. I have been there a few years ago, but it would be nice to ask a few questions. See my profile for my e-mail.

Robert, you have my email - so lets meet when you're in Aberdeen.


What to say?
There are oil wells in Pennsylvania that are bone dry.
You can shake a fistfull of dollars at them and it won't make the oil come back.
Long ago, back in 1859, when Edwin Drake was drilling there, it seemed like the oil would flow forever. Nothing goes on forever. This gas lull; it too shall pass.
A few years ago oil was at $20 .... really, with supply and demand as tight as they are probably about $10 of the price at $78 was speculation. Since Middle East tensions have eased it's not surprising to see prices collapse - all it does it re-enforce the point that supply/demand is tight. If they weren't then the prices would be much less volatile.
I'd laugh along with them, and then ask what they think next summer's prices will be.
No bother on the ad front, any nepotism or corruption seems to be kept out of site so i'm happy ;) But how do you get a stipend so have the time to read the damn thing? Don't tell me to invest in oil shares, its against my religion.

What to say to Dons derisive friends over falling oil price?
-Still gone up every year in the last five.
-The cost in dead GI's and Iraq's is still going up.
-So you're happy paying [US$65/barrel-whatever current local price is]?
(no warranty against punch in the mouth)

Open thread? No, wait. Server news. No. Open thread... hold on, let me check.

Ah. Got it. ;-)

Thanks for the server update, the pointer to the advertisers, and most importantly YOU and all of the TOD "principals"-- editors and contributors alike--who make this site what it is.

I would mention that the high caliber of most discussions and the sheer volume of input make this a sizeable  if not exclusive chunk of my self-alloted internet time.

Time, btw, well spent.