Greenmarket Activates Community Life

Today was a good day for local produce and community development. The new greenmarket at St. Stephen's church brought together all the local elected officials in including Councilmember Jessica Lappin and Borough President Scott Stringer as well as the Father Angelo of St. Stephen (pictured above) and many folks from the local community board.

The Upper Green Side has a quick post about it up. It was great to see so many people talking, sharing recipes, bringing their dogs and children with them to shop.

And the crowds were bigger than expected because of the big outreach effort we did over the past two weeks.

CONGRATULATIONS FROM STATEN ISLAND TO THE UPPER GREEN SIDE....Our greenmarket is in a municipal parking lot with lots of room for the vendors, and for milling around...From the picture, yours looks awfully cramped.  It's much more fun to shop at a Greenmarket when you are not crushed...especially in Manhattan.  Hope the picture didn't capture the wide open areas.  How were the prices?  
Great job PeakGuy!  You had a vision for a way to promote sustainable local agriculture, and made it a reality.  I am sure more good things are to come.