Nibbling Back on Parking Permits - Hollywood Edition

Transportation Alternatives uncovered through work done by Bruce Schaller's group that government employees were 2-3 times more likely to drive to work because of their free parking permit perks. Ever since then, car-free transportation advocates have been making the argument that lowering the number of government issued parking permits would be another way to induce more mass transit or alternative transportation methods. Indeed, in two subsequent studies by Schaller and Transalt, they showed that most people who drive to the Manhattan Central Business District have mass transit options and that the city could raise an additional $46 million in meter fees from the spaces currently occupied by government vehicles with permits.

But there hasn't been much said or reported on any city action on this issue to relieve congestion in the Manhattan CBD...until now.

In a move that could signal more of a policy shift in this direction, the city has revoked parking permits for [movie location scouts:
The industry also has a small army of locale scouts empowered with platinum-level parking permits. And there's the rub: Ordinary New Yorkers with no less a talent for divining authenticity have been complaining about the loss of parking spaces to scouts who have City Hall tags to park ticket-free, on the job or not, blasé as diplomats.

And here's the happy ending: With the industry booming, enjoying tax breaks and creating jobs, the city decided it was wise to kill the parking perks for film scouts as of July 1. Call it Gotham Strikes Back.

This is a nice first step, but there is a long way to go to stem the tide of cars entering Manhattan everyday...