<s>Two</s>Three Quickies: A Map and a Madman (and an Economist!)

First, I wanted to share with you this link at IFenergy which details how "MapMuse has recently introduced interactive mapping of biodiesel fuel stations and E85 fuel stations across the US. There are presently over 650 ethanol 85 fuel stations, and 350 biodiesel fuel stations located on the MapMuse maps." Worth a look.

Also, for you bittorrent fans, Friedman's recent show on the Discovery Channel is available as a .torrent here. (If you are looking for advice on how to get bittorrents, ask in the comments, I'm sure one of us enterprising souls will be happy to direct you towards Azureus or something.)

Update [2006-6-28 17:7:19 by Prof. Goose]: JDH's last three pieces should be read as well.

Ethanol production is an economic elixir here:
In many countries, ethanol can provide an employment and economic boost - however in most cases the jobs are not as lucrative as the those in Nebraska. I do have to dispute this line though:

"...there may be no better place to produce ethanol than rural Nebraska."

Given current technologies and absent subsidies I feel safe in saying there is no good place in the U.S. to produce ethanol.

Is "Addicted to Oil" actually worth downloading?
I reviewed "Addicted to Oil" here:


The short answer: None of you Oil Drummers will learn anything new from it, but it's an excellent job of packaging current green concerns for a mainstream audience. (I should note that there's very little peak-oil talk in it.)

And nice job touting the torrent! I was too chicken to do it on Gristmill.

ah, it's probably a bad idea to do so.  However, it's how I watch tv anymore (I can watch when I want to watch), so I thought I'd share.
There are about 380 E85 stations in Sweden:

http://em-cust05.easy-mapper.com/em_cgi/hsrun.exe/easymapper/mapxsite/sekab/mapxsite.htx;start=hs_ma ppage

Wehicle gas with natural gas and biogas is way behind with about 70 stations: http://www.fordonsgas.se/ then klick on the english flag to the left.

I dont think there are any public biodiesel stations. Its all used in company internal use and as low level mixing in regular diesel.

The new BitTorrent client is pretty nice, and much easier to use than Azureus.  

Give it a look, it's probably what we ought to recommend for newbies.

Perhaps the simplest way now to do Bit Torrents is the new Version 9 of the Opera web browser.  It has built-in support for torrent links.  Just click on a torrent link on a web page and it does it all by itself.    Get it here:


My default app for torrents is the Shareaza multi-protocol peer-to-peer client.  Shareaza supports Bit Torrents along with Gnutella, Gnutella II, and ED2K.  It popped up and started downloading the Discovery video clip as soon as I clicked on the link in the original TOD post.   Got the whole thing in about two hours on a 768K WiFi DSL link.   Shareaza is totally open-source with no hidden spyware/adware agenda.  Get it at:


By far the best, lightest, and easiest-to-use torrent client is utorrent:


The download is just 160KB!

I endorse looking at Hamilton's last three entries. He's on a roll.

best, Dave

i recomend utorrent for windows, as for linux and mac-osx thats up to you because they are pretty much all equal. just remember to get one that encrpyts the packets so your isp can't throttle the the torrent traffic to sub-dial-up levels.
BP charged with price manipulation.

This is going to stir a hornet's nest in other markets, I'd imagine, even if the feds find no other evidence of BP price manipulation elsewhere.

Hello Greyzone,

Sad if this BP propane manipulation is true and approved by upper mgt as alleged.  Congress will go wild as this is an election year, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson will gain a lot more visibility for his cause by further trumpeting the news:


Bob Shaw in Phx,AZ  Are Humans Smarter than Yeast?