NYC Conference Open Thread

Just to follow-up on the Local Energy Solutions Conference, I wanted to create a place for people to chat about the conference now that it is over. Yankee, Balogh and Interloafer may grace us with another post or two about it, but it might take a few days since they couldn't liveblog it as we had originally hoped.

And congrats to the NYC Peak Oil Meet-up Group for putting on the conference and getting such a great group of speakers together.

Because of a work trip and the anti-war protest, I actually only got to see Steve Strong speak and he gave an excellent talk on solar, which based on his talk seems to have very good potential to serve a niche for residential and some commercial electrical needs. It's by no means the 100% solution, but it's poised for high growth and capable of making a significant difference for certain niches. I left feeling very good about my solar stocks -ESLR, XSNX, and SPWR!

I liked how he discussed ways of incorporating solar not just into new constructions and retrofitting older structures to not only generate solar energy but how important it is to reduce the electric load of a building. Unfortunately he ran way over so I had to duck out before he concluded.

That night Yankee, Super G, Balogh, Interloafer, FutureBird and I had dinner (Three veggie, Two chicken and one steak!)and more than a few drinks. We all learned about each other's day jobs. It was a great discussion and there was a lot of laughter despite the grim topic we all blog about.

Balogh gave us his take on the views of his neighbors Upstate, which is much closer to the average American's since they drive most places - these are the people Schumer is pandering to.  We talked about whether NYC will get smaller or bigger as peak oil unfolds - we largely agreed that the places with good ports and rail access will be best off, but the suburbs need a serious retrofit in zoning (moving commerical closer to residential) and installing light rail in order to have a shot. We did agree that Manhattan would probably have to build a wall to hold out the water from global warming, but that other less dense places in the US and poorer areas outside the US would get flooded. Unfortunately we did not decide to start an intentional community, prefering instead to retreat to our parent's houses if TSHTF quickly.

Please post any transcripts or audio that exist. Feel free to post any other materials here as well.

Here's all that I have found so far:
Mike Ruppert's Most Important Speech of his Life.

Matt Savinar
articulate look at the psychology of survival related to Peak Oil.

Please send me others as you find them.

Yeah, sorry for the lag time with updates.  Spent most of the day on the train home yesterday -- and have been spending most of today getting back to my real life at work and at home.  I plan on sifting through the pile of notes that I took this week and giving a good overview of the speakers that I was able to see.  Stop back mid week for my thoughts.
If TSHTF quickly I figure any profession characterized by bloodthirsty banditry will see a golden age. Fortunately for me, I have a law degree and a bar card.



Sorry I missed meeting you at the conference Matt. Glad you got to meet Yankee and Super G.
And I'd like to second the big props to the NYC folks for putting on a conference, particularly the volunteers.



Thanks Matt,
I have to say all the time put in volunteering was well worth it. Thanks for mentioning my Wilderness Survival adventure in your speech.
Link to video of John Ikerd's final comments HERE.
Ruppert is definitely in fine form in this essay. I think the moment of dread occurred for me when he smartly defended his prior prediction of a winter collapse (it in fact began, c.f. Ruppert) with his new prediction that the collapse would be in full bloom and sniffable by summer.

Does anyone else have trouble opening Matt Savinar's essay? The link is inoperable.

It's been that way the whole day. No idea why.



I checked and it just seems a little slow on my computer. If you have trouble just go to Matt's Blog Page and it should be there.
Word from the conference organizers is audio of the conference will be availble for purchase later this week.



Also wanted to point out Paula's post on Adaptation Blog, which Matt linked to as well.
I was only able to go on Thursday, but we were told that Dmitry Orlov's presentation would be posted somewhere.  Any news on that?

Doug G
VP Boonton Oil Awareness Meetup