Chevy Tahoe, Trump Create Open Source Fun

If you know anything about how people use technology, you know that if you create an open source platform for people to "create-their-own" anything, you can't expect them to follow the rules. We recently had fun with "create-your-own" MTA sign. Now, just when you thought car makers were starting to get the idea that they might want to clean up their image Chevy and Donald Trump have combined to create one of the best platforms for expressing how much you hate SUVs or gas guzzling automobiles in general through a "create-your-own-Tahoe-Commercial". And people, like Aaron Naparstek have been having a lot of fun making their own commercials. This one actually mentions peak oil.

Send us a link of your own creations or favorites. I wonder when they will realize what a monster they've created.

This is a link to an NYT article today on these spoof ads. Chevy apparently is not going to pull them.