How Will You Be Travelling to the Conference?

A quick hello - I will be contributing to help cover the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma Conference.  I am excited to post, after hanging out in the blogroll and lurking since shortly after the inception of the site.  I look forward to bringing you an additional perspective of the conference and speakers.

The reason for the pre-conference post follows:

I announced that I was travelling to the conference on my personal blog a couple of weeks ago, and was promptly called-out by one of my readers.

I wonder how many people will drive 200 miles there in an SUV.

So, I promptly shelved the plans to drive the baloghmobile down there, and will be taking Amtrak tomorrow afternoon. I figured that it might be a good time to remind others to reconsider their transportation choice tomorrow if involves driving into the NY/NJ area.  New York has an abundance of public transportation options.

Looking forward to what looks to be a great conference

Thanks for covering for us Balogh! I am really sorry I will miss this conference due to some work travel that was unavoidable. In addition to Baloghblog, Interloafer will be providing commentary on the conference as well.

I agree that the train is a good option from Syracuse, even as bad as Amtrak can be sometimes. Unfortunately there are many places that don't even have a link to the national passenger rail network. At a minimum, I hope people can carpool or find a park and ride near one of the many commuter rail stations circling NYC and then take MetroNorth, LIRR or NJ Transit into the city itself. You'll save a lot on parking in Manhattan.

Excellent choice Balogh!

I'll be biking to the conference or taking the subway. Not sure which yet.