Jane Jacobs 1916-2006

We will miss you Jane and we will keep fighting for your unique vision of better cities. You helped us realize all the little things that were right in front of us that makes cities great. Your work will be continued by organizations like Transportation Alternatives, Municipal Arts Society, NYC Street Renaissance, Open Plans, and many, many others. Your legacy is found not in what you built, but in what you taught us to preserve. Long after the buildings and highways that Robert Moses built have crumbled, your ideas will still be discussed, talked about and embraced by future generations.

For an interesting taste of Jane Jacobs' wit, intellect and views on oil, see my analysis of her interview with JH Kunstler.
I only know her wonderfully insightful book, Systems of Survival, in which she shows two distinct consistent sets of values. The "trader" (scientists, engineers, salesmen,..) values working with others, keeping commitments, honesty, innovation...The "protector" values ostentation, deceiving (the enemy), loyalty, prowess,.. Protector systems are politcal parties, warriors, churches,..

Very, very insightful. Subtitle is A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics.

Notice that the traders might advocate a Powerdown strategy, or possibly a Lifeboat strategy, while the "Protector" culture will leap for a "taker" strategy (Last Man Standing). These terms are from Richard Heinberg's Powerdown.

I'm glad to see Jacobs is still remembered in NYC.  The two cities she probably helped most were New York and my city of Toronto, which we were lucky enough to have her adopt as her home.  I also love that interview Kunstler did with her a few years back, it's a good read.