Local News Round-up

There is a lot of interesting news buzzing in the city this week.

Today's Gotham Gazette features an article by Bruce Schaller on Staten Island's transportation plan and they note that the city's economy is slowing down.

The Queen Mary 2 docked at Red Hook for 12 hours.

The Bronx is considering creating a network of bike lanes that emulate what Enrique Penalosa did for Bogotá.

Connecticut is pursuing some interesting strategies toward a goal of 20% renewables by 2010.

Both Curbed, UrbanDigs and the NY Post covered the local greenmarket initiative I am pushing in my 'hood.

And of course, you can see all the latest in cars from gas guzzler SUVs/HUMMERS to super efficient hybrids at the New York Auto Show.

Does the QM2 docking have sustainability or PO implications? (I'm not being snarky. I'm serious.)

The Bronx bike plan looks fantastic.

Yeah, I kind threw that in because I saw it on my ride over to Staten Island. I guess if there was a energy component, it has to do with NYC having a huge tourism industry that's heavily dependent on air travel - potentially in the future they will come by ship, although perhaps not in such a luxury liner. I'm curious what people did for 12 hours in Red Hook anyway?? They should really connect that to the subway somehow...