Yankees Bomb South Bronx With Traffic, Pollution

[Editor's note: In a complete reversal, Bloomberg and Pataki announce plans for an intermodal transit hub at the New Yankee Stadium. Cynical folks are already emailing me saying that this is a last minute snowjob before the city council vote tomorrow. Seems like a delay is in order to consider this new information.]

The proposed plan for the new Yankee Stadium is going from bad to worse. First there was the news story last week that the Empire State Development Corporation is helping to subsidize extra parking garages to the tune of $70m. Then we hear that a long anticipated additional Metronorth stop for the Hudson River Line is "not in the cards". One would hope that this monumental opportunity to build a great transit hub connecting the 4,5,D subway lines and Metronorth in the South Bronx is not lost. Moreover, they are moving the existing parkland into the semi-industrial area nearby and some of it is going to rest on the top of the parking garages.

The lack of metronorth access combined with the increase in parking spaces would create a traffic and pollution nightmare for an area trying to finally get back on it's feet ever since Robert Moses destroyed this area in the name of more highways and the resulting social instability. All so the Yankee players and their suburban fans can fit their SUVs and HUMMERs into a parking space.

The South Bronx needs less cars, not more. It needs to become more sustainable.