Make that Two Greenmarkets on E. 82nd Street

That's right, not just one greenmarket in my neighborhood, make that TWO. And for good measure, let's put them on the same street and create a greenmarket alley leading from Carl Schurz Park on the East River to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's been a long road since I presented the idea of bringing greenmarkets to my powerful neighborhood back in October.

Here are the two sites under consideration by the Community Board:

P.S. 6 - Schoolyard on the 82nd Street side, b Mad/Park, Every Saturday, July 1, 2006- November 18, 2006

St. Stephen of Hungary Parish - 82nd Street, b 1/York, Every Sunday, July 2, 2006-November 19, 2006

Jessica Lappin, the local Councilmember deserves a lot of credit for helping make this happen, including getting the priest at St. Stephen's to sign a letter endorsing the idea.

BUT, this is not yet in the bag. Despite the fact that almost every other NYC neighborhood has a greenmarket, there is one person who might try to thwart this. Who's against a greenmarket? Eli Zabar, who was not only responsible for removing the one at All Souls Church, but also thwarted past attempts to install one at Carl Schurz Park, 86th and Fifth Ave. If he succeeds in stopping either of these, it will be a loss to the community and he and his stores should be shunned for it.

I'll try to take some pictures this week of the two proposed sites.
Oh, you've got to be kidding. That's unbelievable. How did he single-handedly stop them in the past?
Calling Mayor Mike directly I have heard. Remember, he's just down the block on E.79th...
We certainly can't have too many Greenmarkets in NYC...I'd love to see a few more out here in Brooklyn.