Local Action for a Sustainable NYC

I've decided to organize a meet-up for the time being to help facilitate my local organizing efforts. Super G came up the with name: The Upper Green Side. If you live on the East Side or know anyone that does, please send them the link and they can participate with our local efforts here. I'm also going to apply for membership on my local community board and see what happens. If you're interested, the application is here.

The NYC Peak Oil Meet-Up group now has over 250 members and they have a spiffy new website and they are planning a local energy solutions conference for April 27th to 29th. Go over there and sign up to volunteer or get a better deal on early tickets to the conference. Yankee and I will do our best to cover the conference like we did the one in October. I'm glad this conference looks like it is more positive solution oriented than "the end is near" gloom and doom. I'm going to send this out to all my local elected officials so they can send someone - I suggest everyone in the NYC area does the same.

There's also a great Worldchanging post that cites two very important documents that should be required reading for anyone trying make NYC more sustainable.

The first is a report from David Hsu written last month.
The other is from the NYC Council's report on sustainable policies achieved in the past and those at the proposal stage.

Please forward on these two documents to your local elected officials to help move things forward.

You have a great list of speakers.  I'll certainly try to attend.  At least the train runs from here to NYC.