Migration update

Despite the downtime today, the upgrade to TOD 3.0 hasn't happened yet. It looks like it may take another day to work out all of the details.
My mother's response to the need to upgrade their cable-modem due to changes at Cox Cable "Why don't they leave well enough alone".

To which my father said "Then we would never get anything better".

Best Hopes :-)


That's an amazing quote. Sounds almost apocryphal, but I'll accept your sincerity.

Merry Christmas TODers! This site blows my mind.

Super G,

Thanks for all your hard work maintaining this site and trying to upgrade it
so we can have an even better experience doing the easy part....reading,
commenting and learning.

It is truly a great gift to us all.

All the best to you and yours,

Ha...the essence of capitalism.

You know, 8-track tapes and albums were just fine...we should have stopped there.

Alan fbg:

I know this isn't Drum Beat. but by Tue. I will have forgotten all about it.

I know how you feel about Phoenix, AZ. However this does give creadence to what you have been saying all along  

Light rail spurs rush of private development

Sean Holstege
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 24, 2006 12:00 AM

Two years before the light-rail system opens, private investors are starting to pump more than $1 billion into new developments near the rail stations.


sorry about that Alan:

that should have read  "Alan fbe"

i have not gotten a full list of what will change. or is this just a server update to take the incressed load?
It sounds like they're switching from Scoop to something else - or radically expanding the parts of Scoop used.
We are switching from Scoop to Dropal.

It will look and work pretty much like the current site, at least from the ordinary user's viewpoint.

Except that there will be an edit button.  :)

There really IS a Santa Claus!!!!
It is Christmas and therefore wishing for one more present is not considered rude:

Will there also be an "ignore" button
... for getting around some of those tiresome troll versus goat debates?

And I say it declines like this! P.S. Your mother wears Gruffy Billy Boots.

then i expect this place to go down hill fast as trolls and people who don't like or can't take criticism will edit their comments.
part of the good that was the old site was the fact that when you posted you cannot change what you posted, it forced you to think about what you post. it also helped keeping these two kinds of people in check as they can't edit their posts on a whim.

as for using it to correct errors, type your reply in a word processor then copy and paste it into the reply box.

You wont be able to edit your comments after someone has replied to them. And as for a word processor...just use Firefox, as it has it's own built in spell checker ~_~

Are we being cheeky or is there really a spell checker in FireFox?
And if so, how does one turn it on?

p.s. some blog servers do provide a spell checker for comments

Its in the new version Firefox 2.0