Classic TOD:NYC

I'll be taking at least a week off of writing for TOD over the Holidays. It's been an interesting year. NYC is in a very different place in many ways. We have a Mayor who has announced he is committed to sustainability, including a pledge of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions. We will have a newly elected "Peak Oil aware" Governor in Eliot Spitzer. The New York Streets Renaissance Campaign has won a string of minor victories from the Department of Transportation and it's poised to make huge impact next year. And we may finally see some movement on congestion pricing.

And on a personal note, this year has seen the birth of the first TOD spin-off neighborhood organization: Upper Green Side. We should have our 501c3 early next year, so stay tuned on where you can send your donations!

So looking back, I thought I would point readers to some classic TOD:NYC posts that you might have missed. Enjoy the holidays and see you next year.

But is the world really sustainable with megacities demanding a wide variety of goods shipped from hither and yon? Perhaps NYC just needs to get a whole lot smaller.

Thanks and Congratulations, Glenn.