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Neat :)

Are there any other changes?

Dear Hothgor,

Allthough you get a lot of nasty remarks here on TOD, you must understand that you are of great value to the Peak Oil comunity. I'll explain why:

You represent how the most people on the planet are. People that live in an isolated cognitive environment that have the following live credo:
"I don't care about facts and science, I mainly form my opinion on feeling and popular bits of info that the mainstream media feed me".

So your reasoning about and your reactions to the peak-oil phenomana represent the reactions most people will have. And it is important to know how those people react.

So thank you for posting! Keep it up please!!
We need to know....

Roger from the Netherlands

Yes, there are other changes -
no trolls are allowed any more:)
Sorry to see you go :(
Well, I see irony was not lost on You:)

Not allowed are only unpaid trolls, so I think if You produce some grounds that You are in fact a paid troll, I think You will be allowed too:)

I think you can expect to see a huge "dieoff" of old accounts and a huge bloom of new accounts, most of us will make our new names like our old ones I think.
Hi fleam,

 I think they're saying they'll ask for "password" change, not "user name" change - ?

yeah but this is fleam you're dealing with here, I doubt my ability to change over right, and some are even dumber with regards to computer matters than I am, and will do the the same I I feel I'm like as not to do: make a new acct.

It's just a prediction......

I encourage everybody to keep their old accounts and not make new ones. The disadvantage of creating a new account is that it will not be associated with all of your old comments.
I think that I will shift to the cornucopian point of view.  It's more fun if you are not constrained by physical limits and some pesky Thermodynamics Laws.  
Who wants to hear adivce to cut back, conserve, do with less, and be more productive?  Party on dudes!
HI WT, Jeffrey,

 I can't help myself...You must have written from a party?  How about: "Cornucopian for the human spirit and hope". "Cornucopian for a little space for new understanding and creativity"  "Cornucopian for making our collective effort more than the sum of it's parts"

 In other words: Please don't change, go away, or do anything else but continue to bless us with your presence.

 Same goes for most everyone...

WT writes "I think that I will shift to the cornucopian point of view."

ha ha ! I don't think you are capable of doing so.  Just my opinion... besides I really like what you have to say but you are correct it isn't the most popular point of view in the world.

If you are in need of something lighter to post the check out counter at the grocery store comes to mind as a good place for mindless trivia .-)

All kidding aside...I just picked up a copy of "The Long Emergency".  Oh boy!  Just getting a pretty good history of oil and politics( I haven't finished that segment).

To me Jeffery, we are almost two generations removed from the "animal powered farm".  My kids never knew life without computers, cell phones, digital cameras, McDonalds, CD's (musical type - not banking), etc.

You view(s) which I happen to share(or agree with) is a big change for us, our kids and thier kids. I think we need some kind of "wake up" crisis. Probably going to be rougher than the ones of the last century.  I personally have never suffered that much. Not like my depression era parents.  They saved an amazing amount of stuff like; string, drier lint, bags full of bags, plastic food containers, small bundles of wood, metal cans... things that were probably in short supply in those days "just in case" or "you never know".  

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to your posts in the coming year.  I hear coal stocks are great stocking stuffers.



All this thermodynamics stuff is overrated. Doesn't seem to both Harry Potter when he is flying on his broomstick. And even Adam Smith had an invisible hand to help out whenever he needed a coffee break.
All this thermodynamics stuff is overrated. Doesn't seem to both Harry Potter when he is flying on his broomstick

I'm planning to shop this Christmas season in my new car powered by a Perpetual Motion Device, using my new magic debit card that never falls below $1,000, no matter how much I spend.  

And I absolutely believe that the US can continue to increase--forever--our total petroleum imports by close to 5% per year, while world production, world exports and the four super giant oil fields (almost certainly) are all declining or crashing.  

I think that I will shift to the cornucopian point of view

Nothing wrong with this. Just register a second account and start a kind of platonian dialogue with yourself.

Ya, WT.  I hope you get lots of "sock puppets" for Xmas.

Eastexas vrs. Westexas
"EASTEXAS" (Brown Jeffery) the optimistic party on dude wants to drill WESTEXAS (Jeffery Brown) about oil reserves...coming soon to a gas station near your hometown...bring your credit card 'cuz your gong to need it.
I guess it's time for an alter ego:
"Step-the-way-forward" or "Yergintopian"?
I'm not sure which resonates better.

Here is what my Yergintopian side would say
every day
because repetition
is my mission:

"We will never run out of oil".

"Humankind has always moved forward. Progress my friend, always we will have progress."

"Ask not what your oil company can do for you, ask what you can do for your oil company."

"The Yerginator"
I sympathesize with your sarcasm, WT.  Let's hope people take you more serious in 2007.  Some of us already do.  I hope you have a somewhat relaxing holiday.

I'm trying to think of some New Year's resolutions.  Perhaps it would be fun for all of us to put those out here on TOD for a little light-heartedness.

The problem is, almost none of the 'doom and gloom' predicted for this year came to pass.  As always, people will now push it into next year and adopt a 'just you wait and see' attitude in our dealings with those who done share their opinions.

And for the record:  I think people are vastly underestimating the explosive growth in biofuels and alternatives over the next few years.

Doomers = Cub fans?
Cub fans are eternal optimists. And I predict that the Cubs will win the World Series before a lot of Americans accept the concept of Peak Oil.