Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President

Mayor Bloomberg, Public Advocate Gotsbaum and Comptroller Thompson were all sworn in today, the same team that was sworn in just a few months after 9/11. None of them really talked about energy efficiency or transportation policy, but it's worth reading their speeches and websites about their issues.

Personally, the public official that I am most excited about is the new Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer. While the Borough President's office is not as powerful as it used to be prior to the new city charter which disolved the Board of Estimate and empowered the City Council, it still has an important role on land use issues. As a result, it is often hard or impossible for any type of development to occur against the will of the borough president.

And Mr. Stringer has so far been very forward thinking on environmental and transportation issues, as he is in favor of making the Central Park Loop Car Free, Bus Rapid Transit, Green Buildings and creating more access to the waterfront with bike trails.

I hope he lives up to all these promises and can make these happen for Manhattan.

I wish Marty Markowitz would step up on some of these issues.