New Farmer's Markets for UES?

This year I have decided to become more involved in my community by raising awareness of peak oil and developing practical local projects to reduce fossil fuel dependency.

Earlier this week I presented my idea of establishing farmer markets  to my newly elected city councilwoman and her staff. They liked the idea and we are going to work together on finding suitable locations. The only potential objection we could think of was that on the days of the market, the delivery trucks would take up a few parking spots. While the public's love of free parking should not be underestimated, if that's the debate in the end, I would be happy to fight on the side of green markets. Now we just need to find local sponsors and coordinate with some other city agencies to get the ball rolling.

There is not much green space on the Upper East Side, just Carl Schurz and John Jay Parks

Carl Schurz Park has an underutilized space "The Mall" just off 86th Street and East End

Close-Up of the Mall

John Jay park is smaller, but it would definitely be possible to fit a few vendors in, perhaps during the work week when the park is less occupied.

Combine those with the Saturday Farmer's market on 66th Street at the Manhattan Flea Market and the Upper East Side would would have a farmer's market just about every 10 blocks.

Go you! I'm impressed that you took initiative. Let this be a model for us all.