NYC mayoral candidates on the environment

With issues like affordable housing and homeland security seemingly the voters' top-priority, we haven't seen much on the Democratic mayoral candidates' views on the environment. Oddly enough, the New York League of Conservation Voters has decided to forgo an endorsement in the primaries, and throw their support straight to Bloomberg.

Fortunately, Gotham Gazette has an article summarizing all of the candidates' stances on water and air quality, solid waste, and sustainability.

All of these topics are important, but I'm briefly going to focus on sustainability. Interestly, according to this article, the League of Conservation Voters only gave Bloomberg and "average" score on this topic in their last rating. However, Bloomberg now has an ambitious plan that would require the city to have more green buildings. Miller, as City Council speaker, has wholeheartedly endorsed this plan.
The city council is considering Intro 324, a bill which, if enacted, would require building projects greater than $2 million in scope to meet national energy efficiency and other "green" standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council. Similar bills to encourage the use of heat-reducing "green roof" materials and to press the city to incorporate green building standards into its own buildings and facilities are also in the works. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg administration is backing the potential offering of water and energy rebates to private sector companies via a separate bill, Intro 478.

This is the one issue where City Council Speaker Miller stands out, as a sponsor or supporter of these green bills. "We need to support more innovative legislation," says Miller in response to the League of Conservation Voters questionnaire. "As mayor, I plan to focus on the same issues I have as speaker -- reducing the city's use of materials and emissions, encouraging green building practices by developers, and protecting quality of life by working for parks and expanding and improving mass transit."

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