Two Step Taxi Proposal

I have seen more taxis parked waiting for passengers to approach them, rather than roaming endlessly searching for their next customer. I think they are trying to save fuel.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission has started reviewing a 2 step proposal to aid the taxi drivers/owners in light of the recent fuel cost increases. Some drivers are reporting that they are paying $20-30 extra per day for gas. That cuts deeply into their profits.

The first step would be to allow all 6 hybrid models now being tested to be allowed on the road:

"TLC staff identified only six hybrid electric vehicle models with four doors or more that are available on the consumer market in the United States: the Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner, the Honda Accord, the Honda Civic, the Lexus RX400H, the Toyota Highlander, and the Toyota Prius. The proposed rule would permit the hack-up of any of these six models. TLC staff research indicates that the number of available hybrid electric vehicle models will likely double in the 2007 model year."

The second step would be to put a fuel surcharge into effect of $1-2 per ride.

Each in their own way should reduce the impact of higher gas prices to taxi drivers and provide incentives to use alternative means if possible.