Building a Sustainable NYC

Let me simply state that I am not one of those "head for the hills" type of people who thinks they can completely insulate themselves from the impact of peak oil by founding an eco-village or some type of intended living communities. Rather, I see the answer to peak oil not in each person becoming more independent from society, but rather from forming more local/regional levels of interdependency and self-sufficiency - local energy generation, local food production, local manufacturing bases, communities that are relatively self sufficient for the basics of life. Frankly, I don't see how we can escape this future if energy supplies become more scarce. Those communities that embrace this future path and invest now have a better chance of survival/adjustment than others. If you want to start making a difference in this, read further.
Next Wednesday, the NYC Peak Oil Meet-up will be meeting to specifically address ACTIONS (not just theories/words) that we can take to make NYC more sustainable. Please come with actionable short term ideas to get the word out about peak oil or build a more sustainable city.

Here is the message straight from the organizer:
What: Sustainable NYC

When: Wednesday, September 14, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Where: Wai Cafe (6th avenue between 16th and 17th)

If you are ready to take action to make NYC sustainable in a
fuel-depleted future, come to the Sustainable NYC committee.  
Do you want to do public outreach, organize groups and events,
or research policy options for NYC?  Bring your own ideas,
brainstorm with others - and be ready to commit to working on a
project, not merely suggesting ideas for others to carry out.

Facilitated by Dan Miner and Lois Sturm.  
Wai Cafe, Wed., Sept. 14, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Learn more and RSVP here

i don't live in the NYC, but am interested in what ideas you come up with at this meet-up.  is it possible for you to post and share them here after the meeting.  
Yes, I will report out what we do come up with. Some will probably be NYC specific, but others will probably be fairly easy to do anywhere.

One tactic that has worked for us so far is organizing viewings of "The End of Suburbia, which you can rent at NetFlix. I own a copy.