Friends in the Sustainable Blogosphere

I'd like to point regular readers of this site to check out some great blogs that I have been following over the past few weeks and highlight some other people involved in building a more sustainable world.
Upstate in Syracuse, NY we have Baloghblog, who has been taking pictures of gas stations and has recently wrote an interesting post on taking a low energy vacation. He's also been keeping me up-to-date on gas prices with daily photos of gas signs in his area. We love the photos Baloghblog, but we hope you're in the passenger seat when you take them!

Cityhippy reminds me that all the little stuff we do matters and has collected more than 430 bookmarks on interesting sites dealing with sustainable living and regularly posts articles about people trying to live a more sustainable life. Recently CityHippy did an interview with the founder of GuideMeGreen - an inspiring guy.

Starts and Fits latest post is on the lunacy of GM's emphasis on heavy trucks to drive sales in the recent run-up in gas prices. Somebody over at the NYC Department of Fixing Stuff must read that page considering the recent quick turnaround on a request he posted.

Jeff over at Sustainablog has been a great source of information this Summer while he was vacation from school, although lately with school starting he seems content to use the Weekly World News as a key source on Peak Oil news. But then again, where else would I find out that "Gals Who Go Topless Live Longer"

Please send me any of your favorite sites.