Volunteering, Making Connections

It's been a busy week in starting to build the web of alliances around the issue of Peak Oil.

On Monday I attended a meeting of Auto-Free NY, which has a cool mission statement:
"A movement aimed at exploring and achieving the upper limit of 'devehicularization' of our nation's largest city." I highly recommend visiting their website. At that meeting, Aaron Naparstek gave a wonderful presentation about Peak Oil and 3 ways to make NYC more sustainable and less dependent on oil. After the meeting I distributed flyers about the Petrocollapse Conference and more than a few people were interested.

Last night I went over to the Transporation Alternatives HQ down on West 26th Street to volunteer for their Car-Free Central Park Campaign, which is kicking into high gear. From what I heard they are very close to the 100,000 signatures want to present to Mayor Bloomberg. They are having a major rally on Oct 24th at 4:45. I encourage everyone to get out there and have your voice heard.

While I was there, I met a great group of people who are really dedicated to making NYC more sustainable for the post-Peak Oil world, including one of my favorite sustainable NYC bloggers - Aaron Donovan, editor of Starts and Fits. We had a little mutual admiration society moment. While we were talking one of the TA staff members asked "So you're Peakguy?". It was a proud moment "Yes, I'm Peakguy".

I just want to point out that I posted on Treehugger about the Petrocollapse conference. Hope you'll have a good turnout.