Bartlett's Entire Transcript Posted at EB...

Go ahead.  Take your reading glasses.  It's in three parts, one an hour.

I am just now getting through part 1 of the three parts.  Richard Heinberg is absolutely brilliant.  He has a gift for verbally articulating polished and elegant prose that expresses ideas with absolute precision right-off-the-cuff.  This is a talent to envy.

Perhaps more importantly, I note that Deffeyes, Simmons, and Heinberg alike are making efforts throughout their presentations to address reasonable doubts that might arise about what they are saying - and, perhaps most importantly, to concede their own levels of uncertainty about what they are analyzing.  This is, I believe, something that is crucially necessary for being persuasive about Peak-oil to a mass audience: It is absolutely necessary to acknowledge errors one has made in the past, as well as uncertainties associated with analyses and predictions made in the present.

Some of my notes make more sense now.  Even a few days later, I'm reading things I already forgot.

After sleeping on it and rereading today, I have few issues with what Wulfinghoff or Spears presented, except where they disagree over hydrogen and home-generated power of course, but I notice that they both seem focused on greater energy efficiency for new buildings.  This is a worthy goal in a growing economy, but I wonder if it has much relevance in a post-peak economy.

Are we going to be building new or are we going to be adapting and retro-fitting?  In the second case, it might be more beneficial to talk about adding insulation to your basic builders garrison colonial.  I've been looking at my sister's and brother's houses and trying to figure out how to make them livable without cheap natural gas and propane.  That is very challenging because modern layouts do limit one's options.

Build a greenhouse all over it?

Adds insulation, passive solar heating and you get a new roof.

Yeah, that was Bucky Fuller's solution for NYC.  Perhaps put a greenhouse on the south & east sides and replace the outside wall with adobe.