Finding Our Allies

Educating the public about peak oil seems like a monumental task and it can get pretty overwhelming when you feel like a lone voice in the wilderness. That's why we need to get out there and find our allies and educate them about the relevance of peak oil.

Who are our allies? Anyone who is for a sustainable future - Anti-Global Warming / Environmentalists, Advocates for renewable energy, Mass Transit, Cyclists, Community Gardens, Local/Organic farming, etc. If we can convince them to make peak oil a central part of their arguments to consumers, public officials, community groups, then we will be a long way toward creating the type of groundswell of awareness that will force serious action.

Today, I went to the NYC Eco-Fest at Lincoln Center. It was nice to see all the different groups and organizations working toward a more sustainable future. They had cool exhibitions of green cars, including a [Toyota Prius], a couple of cars from the North American Solar Challenge, and a Grease Car.

I talked to two guys from the Bronx Community College's Center for Sustainable Energy. They were aware of peak oil, but they talked mostly about energy efficiency in terms of helping the environment. I'm going to email them a few links about peak oil next week.

I also saw folks from Time's Up and the CUNY Graduate Center for Continuing Education which has some courses this fall on making NYC more sustainable.

As a final note on reaching out to allies, if anyone is interested in contributing to this space, please write to me at glenn_mcan at with some ideas on what you would like to write about. techorati tags: , , , , , , , ,