Petrocollapse Conference - Oct 5th NYC

I really want to urge everyone who can to come to the Petrocollapse Conference on October 5th. This is going to be the largest collection of speakers that we will have all together in NYC.

We are hoping to have a large media presence and have already have a number of people from the press, but what we need is more audience members and even wider coverage from the media - local, national, indy.

However, right now with two weeks left, we actually have more people coming in from outside the city than the city itself. That's pathetic and we can definitely do better.

I'm asking all of you to send information about this event to your friends/family/media contacts. You can find posters here and all the details either at the link above or on our niffy new calendar feature.

Let's take some action and raise awareness. Thanks Oil Drummers!

As a treat, click here

I am promoting this event to everyone who will listen.