Today's MMS numbers...

These evacuations are equivalent to 57.26% of 819 manned platforms and 51.49% of 134 rigs currently operating in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).  Today's shut-in oil production is 1,097,357 BOPD. This shut-in oil production is equivalent to 73.16% of the daily oil production in the GOM, which is currently approximately 1.5 million BOPD.  Today's shut-in gas production is 4.713 BCFPD. This shut-in gas production is equivalent to 47.13% of the daily gas production in the GOM, which is currently approximately 10 BCFPD.

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You can actually track the movements of a few of the large GOM oil and gas platforms as they evade Rita at the site The few that can reposition that is.. Specifically Transocean's drillship Deepwater Millenium track is at this link:

and also their Deepwater Horizon at this link:

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"An estimated 35 percent of the crude oil now shut in by Katrina damage "can't go anywhere," Burton said, referring to pipelines and onshore refineries."

So that's 35% of 842091 BOPD (the shutin as of Sep 15), which is 19.6% of GOM production.