Site maintenance at 10p EDT [UPDATED]

We are going to do some maintenance on the site this evening at around 10p EDT. The site may be inaccessible for up to 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Update [2005-9-16 0:44:39 by Admin]: Maintenance is done. We've switched web hosts. Hopefully the reliability of the site will improve. If something's broken, let us know.

Update [2005-9-16 8:17:5 by Super G]: One more thing: Users have the option to choose their timezone in their interface preferences. The old server wasn't properly adjusted to daylight savings time, so you had to give your timezone in standard time (EST for East Coast U.S., PST for West Coast U.S.). The new server has the correct setting, so you must adjust your interface preferences for daylight time (EDT for East Coast U.S., PDT for West Coast U.S.).

Also, it seems that the server's clock is about 20 minutes ahead. I have notified the ISP about this. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.

I think you guys/gals should have a look at this:

Yeah, I just read that. I'm overwhelmed. He said what I wanted to say - what was the word - apocophilia? Ianqui, is that a real word? We have a few people like that at the PO-NYC Meet-Up. But I like to focus on the solutions, or as Simmons puts it - "what's plan B? Everything that works. Plan C is some radical innovation that we can't imagine yet."

Feeling pretty pumped after I read that and I just got back from an Arcade Fire concert in Central Park - David Bowie was a surprise guest. Awesome concert.

awesome, i just got back from an Interpol concert in San Jose...gonna see Arcade Fire this sunday!  

wow, David Bowie...

Super G - many thanks for this and all your other hard work on the site. The only minor quirk I'm noticing is the time is off. I just posted a story at 12:18am (Pacific), which got reported as being 6:33am (Eastern).
The old host was in Seattle. The new host is in North Carolina. I forgot to tell Scoop that we changed timezones. It should be fixed now, with some caveats. See the update in this post.
If we set our time zone to daylight savings time, do we have to change it back manually to standard time at the end of October?
I'll tell you on October 30. But I suspect the answer is yes.