UK's Channel 4: Oil Supply, Simmons, and This Winter  (.wmv file alert, thanks Tux)

A six minute presentation on gas prices, peak oil, Saudi Arabia, some footage of the UK's Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor to the Exchequer (can you tell I watch the PM's Question Hour on CSPAN?  *laugh*...thanks fatbear...), and the like.  The last half is an interview with Simmons, who is especially perky in this interview. Technorati Tags: , , , ,

Not to be picky, but
Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer

I watch Question Hour too

to see a direct keyframed scenario of the video.

thanks for that noterik...
OT - GOMEX revival covered in a daily price recap

After some standard gibberish on today's price movements, quote:

Meanwhile, reports of hampered recovery efforts in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico after Katrina continued to trickle in.

Oil producers are scrambling to find their way around damage to key pipelines and an onshore storage facility that threatens to bottle up their output indefinitely. Owners of giant deepwater platforms say they are ready to start pumping oil but cannot get their crude ashore because of the obstacles.

"The ability to return production from our deepwater fields in the Eastern Gulf is dependent on the offshore transportation systems and onshore infrastructure," said BP PLC spokeswoman Ayana McIntosh-Lee. She said options being considered include using barges and tankers and bypassing primarily third-party operated pipelines.

Chevron Corp.'s Empire Terminal on the Mississippi River, which suffered severe flooding, an oil spill and a power outage, is nowhere near coming up with a recovery estimate, spokesman Mickey Driver said.

So they can pump it, but they can't get it shore.  Quelle horreur!

Matthew Simmons has resigned as CEO, according to this article in the Houston Chronicle.  However he will remain as Chairman, and continue to speak out on energy issues.  "I am pleased to relinquish the CEO responsibilities ... so that I have time to focus on the complicated energy issues facing the United States and the industrial world," he said.