Early Primary Results

The best coverage of the NYC Democratic Primary results is at NY1. So far, with 33% of the vote counted, it looks like Fernando Ferrer will win the Democratic nomination for mayor without a run-off against one of the other candidates.
Betsy Gotbaum is beating Norman Siegel who I endorsed yesterday.
More updates later tonight.

[UPDATE} Latest results show that Ferrer may just have missed the crucial 40% threshold in avoiding a run-off:

Fernando Ferrer [Dem] 181526 39.93%

Anthony Weiner [Dem] 131126 28.84%

C. Virginia Fields [Dem] 72456 15.94%

Gifford Miller [Dem] 46259 10.17%

Reporting: 6023 of 6033 precincts - 99.83 percent 11pm (EST)

I think this about sums up how New Yorkers felt about this primary:

There are 2.6 million registered Democrats in New York City, but just 456,263 voted Tuesday.