Primary Election Endorsements

Tomorrow is Primary election day in NYC. In many cases, a win of the Democratic Primary is tantamount to winning the election since there are few Republican challengers (except for Mayor). While none of the major candidates for any office have mentioned oil depletion specific, many do have a positive stance on the major issues of transportation, housing and the environment that would make NYC more sustainable in a peak oil world.
I mostly agree with fellow blogger Aaron Donovan over at Starts and Fits. In his analysis of the Democratic mayoral candidates, he notes that Miller, Ferrer and Weiner are all well qualified, but Miller has the better record on the major issues. But he adds: "Whomever wins this primary will have an uphill battle against the incumbent, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — not just for the election, but for the endorsement of this website. Since I'm probably going to vote to re-elect the mayor in November, I'm going sit out on this one and avoid an official endorsement." Ditto for PO-NYC. Public Advocate: Norman Siegel, for his legal support of Critical Mass Manhattan Borough President: Eva Moskowitz, for her support of major transit improvements and her support of cycling. And in my city council district 5: Eric Cesnik, for his support for more bike lanes on the East Side. Vote Early!