Heading Out was on the Beeb!

This evening, Heading Out, under his second pseudonym of "Olly," was on BBC5 (I think his segment started at 9:20ishEDT) talking blogging and peak oil.

The show will be available TOMORROW on their podcast at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/networks/fivelive/aod.shtml?fivelive/pods_blogs

Update [2005-11-30 23:38:44 by Admin]: Just for archival purposes: Heading Out's appearance was discussed here.

I get a live feed from the second link, don't you?  

the ones from the first link work too...btw.

The second link isn't live. I think it's last week's podcast. I just heard the promo for bloggers on the first link, though.
I hit the first link and then in the upper right it says "listen live" I think.
hey.  it sounded live.  :)
Yeah, I got on too. They said they are going to be talking to bloggers about the storm.
I'm using the live stream, got the program, waiting, is HO coming on?
There's going to be a little delay, so he should be on around 9:30 EDT. But keep listening to make sure you don't miss him!
I've got him!
He's talking about that extra heavy sour crude shit the Saudis want to sell us now!
He/you sound great.  You have a British accent... Clint
Yup! Try as hard as I can the accent they beat into me 50 odd years ago still survives. Hope it was comprehensible, the spot was shorter than I thought - but it will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

Thanks for listening.

You sounded great! Extremely knowledgeable, as did all the other bloggers for that matter. That program gives bloggers a good name.
ARGH!!! I shouldn't have answered my phone. Now they are on sports...let me see if I can rewind...
I think the podcast will show up on their blog here sometime.
I have an email in to the producer.
the producer says it will be up tomorrow.