New feature: New comment notification

I want to heartily encourage all of our readers to sign up for their own account here on TOD. For one reason, it's nice to know who says what. But more importantly, if you log in, you can enjoy a great new feature that Super G just implemented: new comment notification. This feature tells you not only how many comments there are to a post, but how many of them are new to you...and in the thread, a handy little [new] tag appears next to the comments you haven't seen yet.

So get yourself an account today! Feel free to sign up pseudonymously—we don't care who you are in real life!

Excellent.  I have used other scoop sites, and that was always a nice feature (especially when there are hundreds of comments).

This is the only scoop site that I know of that allows anonymous posting, in fact.  I am sure there are others though.

especially for a site with such amazing commentators and discussions, the nested comments and the new comment notifiers are going to kick this place up to notches unknown. I'm thrilled.

And i have to say, now that you are scoopified but before the next big expansion of your user base, the time to disable anonymous posting is ASAP. Anonymous posting serves no purpose except to enable trolls and will only hamper you in the future when you implement other powerful scoop features.

Great work SuperG

They have a new Peak Oil Magazine out.
I just can't put it down.
All the stories are down to earth and poignant:

    Maybe we can prepare some reader-contributed articles:

  1. Using the Patch I stopped Smoking Gasoline in just 3 Weeks.
  2. I Was Shocked, Just Shocked to Learn the World is Finite.
  3. J Lo spotted on Thunder Horse.
That magazine isn't necessarily real I might note :-)

But I'm glad you liked it.

And the J Lo does Thunder Horse story sounds like a good addition...

Any chance of bringing back 'we have a gusher' or 'just a trickle'- maybe it is just me but seemed to add a certain something to this blog that others didnt have?
Dave, Super G may have a way to deal with that...but his hands are pretty full right now...we shall see.  :)