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I live in Japan and it really amazes me that there has been almost nothing yet
in the Japanese press or blogs about peak oil.
Anyway, I don't have a car because I don't need one and they are expensive to
own and operate here. I could take the train everywhere I need/want to go, but
as much as possible I ride my bike. I don't do it because it is the `correct' thing to do
I do it because I like it. I can ride 80k roundtrip to my Yoga class in the middle of Tokyo
and I can ride to most of my work. I ride year round hot or cold, rain or sun. The only
thing I don't ride in is snow. I carry a rain suit and a spare tube etc., whenever I ride.
I think rather than being an example to be emulated everyone I know thinks I'm crazy.
To get back to the point of the post more or less, I think the closer your lifestyle is now
to what it will have to be post Peak Oil collapse the better off you may be. Chopping your
on firewood is a good place to start, but I think you should do it because chopping wood
is fun and a double bit ax can double as a dandy weapon. Not because it is PC.
(I've chopped and spilt a lot of wood in another life.)
FYI, there is a URL at http://oildrum.com/ that is an adult site...

Hmmm, I wonder what sites these days don't have a porn site of some sort which is a few letters off. Just remember the T in TOD. And as far as porn sites go, it's just drawn/rendered images, no photo realism, no animals, no scat... just consider them to be the neighbors you don't like, but hope they don't leave because someone worse would probably move in.

Oh My God! Thanks for pointing that out, Ben. This is an alias for http://www.amateurs-porn.us/. What a pain in the ass....
I'm using MS Explorer and can't seem to find an easy way to format for printing. With the old site I could highlight the text and paste it into Word for easy printing. Now, however, it's hard to highlight the postings...the cursor seems to grap all the stuff on the margins. Any suggestions for Explorer users?
Hi, been following this site for a while now, but I am an avid (rabid?) RSS user.

The old RSS feed would helpfully provide the article in the body of the feed.  This new site provides only the first 100 characters or so, forcing me to click on the link to read the body.

I believe that to be a step backwards, and I find it really annoying.  If you update all your RSS feeds and then go offline (laptop), the feeds that don't include full bodies aren't very useful. :(

Please include the full body in your RSS feed.  Otherwise its little more than "hey new stuff here".

Thanks for alerting us to this problem. It has been fixed; the RSS feeds now provide full text.
re 2.0 - here's something to simplify printing for both IE and Mozilla browsers:

  <link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/printable.css" title="Printable">

  <link rel="stylesheet" media="print" type="text/css" href="/printable.css" title="Printable">

You should find that CSS 2 capable browsers automatically select the "print"   style sheet. Test by issuing a print preview...

Mike Watkins, back from holidays where I consumed exactly 1 liter of gasoline, camp fuel as a matter of fact.