Movies Speak Louder than Words

Maybe it is the onset of winter and people like gathering inside more to decompress and escape the weather, but this week is movie week here at TOD: NYC.

On Monday, I hosted a screening of the new Walmart movie which clearly painted a picture of a truly evil corporation that sucks the life out of small towns, relying on government subsidies, illegal immigrant labor, not paying workers a living wage here or abroad, all in the name of low prices. Good posts on the film can be found at Startsandfits, Baloghblog before and after with link of rare appearance on TV.

Yesterday I went to see Syriana, which Super G wrote about earlier today and I summarize some additional points in a comment to his post. I think this film will wake up some people, but it does not take on PO head on.

There remains one film that does address PO and the centrality of the automobile in a very direct way that remains the film of choice for spreading the word about Peak Oil - The End Of Suburbia. On Sunday at 1pm, I will be showing EOS in my home borough of Staten Island at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Please tell any friends who haven't seen it to come watch it there. Or tell them to rent it on Netflix!