Strike Photos

There are many great photos of the strike in the blogosphere, starting with the indispensible Gothamist, which has a good round up of all the different local photo slide shows. AD over at Startsandfits, has some great photos so does Curbed.

I started taking photos on 2 mile walk to work along 2nd Ave, but not all came out as well as I had hoped. Here's a few that were no blurry beyond recognition.

Up near my apartment, just south of the 96th street HOV entrance, 2nd Avenue was nearly vacant, providing a refreshing morning landscape free of honking horns and pollution.

But further down, near the entrance to the Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge, Traffic slowed to a crawl. Two points of interest in this photo:

  1. A gas guzzling, oil dependence inducing HUMMER, complete with a support the troops ribbon and American flag. You sir, are a true patriot!

  2. A BUS! It had little flashing lights in the front and had a sign saying it was just for Police department workers.

And local business like this bank were doing little things to make people's commutes a little bit more bearable in the cold.
Send in your photos of the strike or point us to where we can find more.

I'm presuming that we all know about PATH - 33rd St & 6th Ave down to 9th St & 6th Ave, then Christopher St - the under the river and back under the river to World Trade Center - running special trains that need no xfer in Jersey - just like riding the subway - also works back other direction - and cheap, $1.50 per - takes Cash MetroCards (not unlimited ones)

But has anyone figured out the other alternative: Grey Line Sightseeing Buses - one day hop-on/hop-off $39, three day $99 - not cheap, but all over the City (Manhattan to you outsiders) - here's the map, with a pdf download at a larger size by clicking on map - considering what a cab costs, if you make enough trips this may be worth a look, and you may actually learn something while you ride - or sit up top and read - I haven't done it (walking a few miles a day), but someone not as walkable as me might need it

And, I forgot, Sightseeing Busses go to Brooklyn too
Buses, not Busses - unless one is riding with one's partner or other hot item

note to self to use Preview

Thank you for sharing some photos.  I'm stuck out here in Staten Island, and went shopping for food, Christmas tree, etc. all the while thinking about my family in Manhattan, making the best out of this situation.  
Firstly, without the promise of a good and fair pension, families like mine will suffer. We could not afford to send our children to college, if every penny saved was needed for an uncertain retirement. Thanks to the TWU for putting themselves on the line to protect the economic interests of workers.  I also applaud tough New Yorkers and visitors who are making the best out of getting to work, and isn't it ironic for Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire who spent 300 million dollars of his own money to get elected mayor, calling the TWU president selfish?  Who is the real bully?
Keep on truckin' you teachers, stockbrokers, and actors, and I'll spend the pension check.  Thank-you Michael Quill, and Roger Toussaint.
Amazing it is how a "crisis" awakens the Sheeple from their slumber and daze-while-you-graze herd mentality.

Imagine handing out flyers on the bridges to the walking masses:

Attention New Yorkers
This is just a "drill" for

Google it