Great Job New York

Time and time again New York has pulled together, sacrificed, and managed to make the best of difficult situations. From the horrors of 9/11 to the 2003 blackout to today's transit strike, New Yorkers have shown that they can overcome whatever obstacles are put in their way. It shows a maturity and tenaciousness that makes me proud to call myself a New Yorker.

Of course, there were problems, inconveniences, flared tempers, but let us focus on the good things that happened. Today New Yorkers everywhere showed their ability to adapt to changed circumstances. As my own way of giving thanks to all those who made the best of today, here's my 2005 transit strike thank you list:

To the walkers, you stoic pedestrians, that braved frigid temperatures and trudged over bridges and narrow paths with a smile on your face - THANK YOU!

To the skaters, the inliners, who flexed their muscles uphill and coasted with safety back down, you make it look too easy with your cool spandex and hip sunglasses - THANK YOU!

To the cyclists, the easy riders, pedaling down the dangerous unpainted bike lanes, weaving around double parked cars, with or without toe clips, you turned heads with your speed and efficiency - THANK YOU!

To the taxis, who loaded up their cabs, braved tough traffic jams and hopefully gave their horn a day off - THANK YOU!

To the police, our thin blue line, our heros making sure that everything runs smoothly and calmly explaining the situation to people and giving help where necessary - THANK YOU

And to all those who took this opportunity to tell their elected officials, their places of business, their landlord, that they want more transportation alternatives like better biking parking facilities and bike lanes - THANK YOU!

Keep your cool and remember that the best way to get respect, is to show respect.

And to the walkers and pedestrians of life Thank You as well. And to the Mayor and his thugish behavior SHAME on YOU Bloomie! PS Mr. Mayor when you went back to use the # 6 train did you notice the Mercedes parked blocking half the sidewalk in front of 119 East 79th Street? Probably Ruppert Murdoch or another Fox thug owns the townhouse and Mercedes. How about a new Fox graphic Illegal War on Iraq!