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Just to give you a little puzzle for the vacation, I am adding the table that shows the number of new wells, the number of producing wells and the crude oil production for the OPEC countries, below the fold. This should be read in conjuncture with the table on oil produced per well, that is posted below.

I do this in part, so that you can have those numbers when reading the predictions being made for Saudi Aramco production, and how they are going to get it (thanks to Energy Bulletin for the pointer).

When you take this with the average amount of oil each well adds, then you can see how much, without that addition, the production from each country would have been.  Which should give some idea of the rates at which production would otherwise be declining.  That was the basic theory, but since you have to allow for when wells came on stream, and such factors, it did not prove the easy task I thought it might be.  But if you are looking for something to do . . . .

Have fun . . . .

Note that the rigs and wells for the Neutral Zone are separately divided out, but the oil produced is counted within the totals for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

C'mon, HO!

You are a scoundrel, a villain, a rogue. You said you wouldn't set up an exam! and I was counting on that since I am definitely remiss in keeping up with your techie talks. Now, you would have me do these calculations ... when it is easier to do this instead---

Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah,
President of the OPEC Conference,
Secretary General, Minister of Energy,

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Not many readers taking the quiz HO. I made a simple calculation calculating the amount each well produces per year. Then I made a new well total by subtracting the new wells from the running total (starting from the number of producing wells year 2000) and caculated the remaining wells production. Not correct, but simple, and give an idea how many wells were taken off line and the overall production had the new wells not been added.

The winner was Venezuela with a slight gain in production 4%. The losers where: Qatar with 35% decline and Kuwait with 28%. Saudi with the highest output was 22%.

Anything close to your results?

so not part of the quiz I suppose.. but I hear there has been some pretty significant oil discoveries in Egypt's Nile Delta recently to go along with the gas they keep hitting. Anyone know what the potential is there?