New RSS feed addresses

We are consolidating our RSS feeds. This will enable us to collect better traffic statistics.

The RSS feed for The Oil Drum is .

The RSS feed for TOD: New York City is .

All other feeds will be discontinued by the end of the week.

Speaking of feeds...Bartlett on talking peak oil on C-SPAN right now.  There's a feed at their Web site, for those who don't have cable:

Pretty good presentation, I must say.

Just curious, how many rss subcriptions theoildrum has now?
This is exactly what we're trying to pinpoint. Once the feeds are fully consolidated, I can give you an exact number, but right now I estimate the feed circulation to be in the 500-600 range (as compared to 5000-6000 unique visitors to the website daily).
Curious, has anyone who's using the new feed had the newest post (a dam failure in missouri) show up? The most recent post that shows up when I check the oil drum's rss is this entry. Perhaps it has something to do with it only having been 20 minutes since the post showed up.
It just showed up for me. One of the drawbacks of hosting the feed at Feedburner is that they ping sites only every 30 minutes, so that's the worst-case delay.