My First End of Suburbia Screening

Today I went to my home church (Unitarian) in Staten Island where my parents still are very active. It was the perfect setting for my first foray as a grassroots campaigner and peak oil educator. I felt very comfortable in my surroundings and knew many people in the audience. They were very receptive to both the movie and my presentation on how to make New York's transportation system less dependent on fossil fuels (Many thanks to Aaron Naparstek who provided invaluable powerpoint slides and photos).

The audience was mostly progressive minded folks and many of them live a fairly suburban lifestyle in Staten Island. I think most realize that this lifestyle is not sustainable and want to change the local systems to encourage more community and less dependency on oil.

The film certainly framed the issue very well for new people to peak oil and in my opinion remains the indisputable resource for spreading the word about peak oil. That said, some of the content does need to be updated and I have heard that they will probably either make a sequel or update the current one (maybe both).

I also made some great local contacts for the future.

How many people were there, do you think?
About 30-40 people, mostly from the church and surrounding neighborhood...Only 400,000 people on Staten Island left...but it planted a seed!

The press release did make the Staten Island Advance, but I couldn't find a link to the article.

I want to thank Glenn for coming back to Staten Island to show this movie and raise important issues for us to ponder.