Extending Bike Lanes

I just read a great article over at the Villager (hat tip to Gothamist) about Community Board 4 approving an extention of the Bike lanes as part of the 1997 Bike lane Master Plan. Even better is that they are favoring a 2-3 foot buffer zone between car/truck traffic and the actual bike lane. While I would much rather have real physical barriers that would actual prevent cars from cutting off cyclists, the buffer zone is a good start and can always be installed later.

It's really time to execute the full plan. Personally, I would like to see 1st and 2nd Avenue get bike lanes and finally finish the greenway on the East River which right now has a 20 block gap south of the 59th street bridge. Long before there's a 2nd Avenue Subway, we can have a 2nd Ave Bike lane.

Let's finish the Plan! More bikes + more mass transit= less traffic.