The Perils of Biking

As many of you know, I would love to ride my bike to work everyday, but I don't intend to be a martyr just yet. For instance less than a month ago, an elderly woman was killed while riding her bike by a tour bus.

Plus, I have nowhere to park my bike at work and would have to carry it up and down 2 flights of stairs to store it in my apartment. New York is no Chicago when it comes to biking, forget about getting to the level of European cities like Copenhagen where I lived for a year or Cambridge UK where I lived for 6 months.

If that weren't enough I read today that it might hurt my abilities in err...other areas of my life.

I think for now I'm going to keep with my system of walking to work as much as possible.

Cyclelicious' answer: ""If bicycle saddles contribute to erectile dysfunction, then The Netherlands would be empty." --Thorsten Schaette of KHS Bicycle Parts.

Don't forget about the Chinese also.."

PG, you can always find parking somewhere. Lock it up to a "no parking" sign. Those only apply to motorists.
I've been seriously thinking about getting a folding bike.  We have a small fenced-in yard in my current office, but we may move to a more urban building.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a dealer with anything I can test ride.
An elderly lady on a bike was killed in the last month. How many people were killed in cars in the last month? On foot? You'll quickly find a route to work that balances distance, effort, and your will to survive.

Two flights of stairs? The horror. (That's right, you wimp, I'm calling you a wimp. Wimp!)

That parking line is just silly. Look around a bit, I'm sure you'll find something close to, or in, your workplace. Bikes aren't that large, you can squeeze them into all kinds of places. If you are concerned about your bike being stolen, then you spent too much on your bike. (Hint: You can always make it look like crap.)

And carefully examine the title of that lame New York Times article excuse you use:  Serious Riders, Your Bicycle Seat May Affect Your Love Life. Will commuting make you a serious rider? (Anechdotal evidence: I was a serious rider right through puberty and well into adulthood. My wife's putting my one-year-old son to bed at the moment. We were trying for all of a month. I'm still bitter about that.) Besides, if you use a bike with an upright position and choose an appropriate seat, you'll barely be sitting on your nads at all.

All kidding aside, and there's puh-lenty of kidding above, along with your reasons not to commute by bike, maybe you might want to list the reasons in favour as well. No? Then, at the very least, you won't have jerks like me attacking you for what appears to be just making excuses. ;)

And to show that I'm not just picking a fight, the worst thing for me, when commuting by bike five days a week, half-an-hour each way, was how tired I was when I arrived home on Friday. It really took a lot out of me. Wasn't until Sunday morning that the spring was back in my step. Then again, after racing for years, I can't just ride my bike. If I'm in the saddle, I'm full out. Can't help it. You might be better off in that respect.

I appreciate the ribbing. Sorry to be so down on biking for my commute. Right now my main "excuse" is how dangerous it is, although if parking became more accessable on either side I would be tempted. I may still attempt a few dry runs early in the morning.

I have always enjoyed biking for both recreation and practical purposes - I rode my bike to school until high school which was uphill in the morning, but all downhill in the afternoon. I was home in 5 minutes!

Then in Cambridge (UK) I biked the 3 miles to work everyday - on the left side of the street, no less. The building I worked in had an underground garage with a great bike rack. I rode in all types of weather!

Anyone have a picture of this new saddle they are using?
Ergonomic saddles are not new; they've been for sale for at least twenty years.  Here's a page of ergo saddles: