Post Petrocollapse Round-Up

If you were at the conference today, I probably registered you! Ianqui and I took lots of notes from all the speakers at today's conference. We will roll out our summaries over the next few days on both the NYC and the main page. We had about 250 attendees and the conference actually ran on time and with a good pace that kept it interesting throughout. The content was good for both well informed folks who have been following peak oil for some time as well as people just learning about it. For instance, my Mom was pretty converted by the end - she really loved Kunstler.

Then some of the volunteers and the speakers had a few drinks over at a nearby bar, drinking beer and wine imported from thousands of miles away and live music produced locally by Jan Lundberg, led by the classic "It's a Global Warming Day".

My big take away was that we need to be aware of the global situation, but we shouldn't expect any action at that level. Instead, we need to start organizing locally.

Look forward to hearing from our regular readers (more of whom I met today) about their thoughts of the conference.