Petrocollapse: Last minute promotion

For those of you in or near New York City, don't forget about the Petrocollapse Conference on Wednesday, Oct 5. Payment is on a sliding scale, so if you can't afford the $100 VIP tickets, no problem. Call in sick and come anyway!

This conference features some speakers that haven't yet appeared everywhere else:

And, if you're lucky, you might get to meet me and peakguy! But if you can't come, peakguy and I will have a round-up of the events hopefully by the end of the week.

Thanks for the plug Ianqui! We look forward to seeing a good turnout from TOD readers. It's very important that the media sees a large crowd that is concerned about this topic. IMHO, the media follows the crowd more than it leads.

I'll probably be easy to spot since I think I'm signed up at the registrar's desk for the morning shift. Between Ianqui and I we hope to actually cover the event inbetween our volunteer duties.

Also, check out our events calendar for the NYC area. Please send your ideas on to us.

I am attending and volunteering too.  Peakguy and ianqui, I will try to take notes and pictures.
See you there Mitch. I might even where my name tag as peakguy so I can be identified by TOD readers.
And you can point me out, if people are interested. I don't think I'll write 'ianqui' on my tag.
"Call in sick..."

See!  Peak Oil is already affecting productivity.

I just told my boss that I can't come in tomorrow so that I can attend the conference. Boy, did that feel good! I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
I just tried to register and see that registration is already closed. No matter, I plan to be there in the AM.  
Just show up and pay what you can. Glad you can make it!